Apr 2, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; A general view of the scoreboard as the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves are both held hitless through six innings at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Checking the Scoreboard: How Optimistic Are Our Braves' Fans?


Two weeks ago, we posted a survey/fun contest to see how you thought the Braves would do this year.  Today, let’s review the results submitted and see whether y’all (for lurking Philly fans:  that’s a word used often in Braves Country) thought the Braves would be over-achievers… or not… this season.

First off, here’s the chart  (click it if you actually want to be able to read it!):



For each survey question, I identified whether an ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ answer would be the ‘optimistic’ point of view (see the next-to-last column).  The far right column tells us whether we – collectively – were projecting optimism for the outcome.

For example, Question T7 – number of All-Star selections:  clearly more is better, and most of you think that the Braves will get at least 3 All-Star nods this year.


Key Results

  • You are split over whether the team will finish in first place… which is actually still a lot more optimistic than the national media… or most of the writers here, for that matter!
  • You expect a better offensive performance.  Right now that would be great if there was any offensive performance.
  • You tend to be pessimistic about the pitching, though also hope for more wins from the new ‘big three’ (Teheran/Minor/Santana). So far:  2 wins.
  • For individual hitters, you expect better results than I had specc’d out, though some of those results were close.
  • Overall: yes, you are optimistic – by a margin of roughly 17-7 (plus a virtual tie).  Given that it’s mostly the offense you’re excited about, let’s hope that mood reaches the Atlanta lumber pile – the bats could clearly use a boost!

About Question P6:  Total innings for Wood/Hale/Schlosser (111):  this one is certainly arguable – I listed “over” as a pessimistic answer because of the thought that having these guys pitching a lot of innings meant somebody else was hurt.  However, the 111 inning count was probably too low, given that Alex Wood is establishing himself as a rotation fixture.

Once Mike Minor and Gavin Floyd resume pitching, there could be a rotation dilemma:  Teheran, Santana, Minor, Floyd, Harang, and Wood make for six capable starters.  Right now, I can’t guess who the odd man out might be.  But 111 innings?  That’s really looking pretty likely right now – and if so, it probably means good things for Braves’ pitching.


At the end of the season, we’ll tally up the points and see who guessed the best.  Until then, I am glad to see that Braves’ Country is expecting great things!



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