Apr 16, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Domonic Brown left, first baseman Ryan Howard and right fielder Marlon Byrd wearing number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson during the national anthem against the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Braves Vs. Phillies: Day Baseball Live Thread!

The Philadelphia Phillies have felt during the current series like more competition than the Washington Nationals have been this season, so far at least.  I love it when the Atlanta Braves beat any team and every team, but I just feel a touch more like the world is right when the Phillies play like our arch division rival, even if they’re not.  The current series has certainly seemed that way though, with good hitting from both teams, and minus a few hiccups from starters by the Phillies, and the pen for both teams, this has been one exciting four game (minus one rain-out) series!

The final game of the series gives us Day Baseball, which I always capitalize inappropriately, but with no reservations, because I cannot think of a better day than when I have the day off from work (which I do!), and I also get to watch baseball being played in the afternoon.  Perhaps a great many of you are rich and don’t have to work, or you’ve decided to play hooky from work (which I cannot publicly condone), or you’ve come up with any number of other creative excuses to free yourself up to watch Braves’ baseball.  Whatever your personal covert missions, I hope they’ll be successful and you’ll get to watch Atlanta and Philadelphia play this final game of the series today.


Game Details

As you know, Tuesday’s game was rained out and thus postponed until sometime in June.  So, if the Braves win today’s game, it will be another sweep (and two in a row) for the Atlanta Braves!  You can never rule out any pitching opponent, but A.J. Burnett will take the mound, surprisingly, for the Phillies today.  This is somewhat surprising because Burnett has suffered from an inguinal hernia, but has elected for now to pitch through that pain and postpone surgery.  We’ll have to wait and see if Burnett can duplicate the good pitching he started the season with.  Since that early outing though, Burnett has clearly struggled.

Alex Wood has pitched well, but his pitch counts have been high.  He will look to continue to pitch well today going for the sweep, and improve on his command and pitch selection to try and lower those high counts, go as long as he can, and continue this amazing trend that’s making Atlanta pitching arguably the best rotation in baseball!


Join Our Live Thread!

Join us for our Live Thread for Day Baseball!  We love to have your visit us, and share whatever thoughts you have.  On a day game when Twitter might not be quite as busy as usual, why not join us here and talk about the team you love, or hate!  Yes, even haters are welcome to share.  Grrrr.  Go Braves!




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