The round-trippers might have stopped, but Mejia's bat is still CHOPPIN'!

Who's CHOPPIN'? Braves' Minor League Update!

So, who’s hot to trot for the Braves’ Minor League affiliates? Here’s a look at the  players who have been CHOPPIN’ over the last 2 weeks for the Triple-A and Double-A affiliates:

Unlike when he’s sliding into home, Constanza’s eyes have been wide open at the plate!

Who’s Choppin’? AAA Gwinnett Braves

Philip Gosselin- .325/.372/.375  Gosselin’s power has come to a screeching halt, but he continues to get on base at a high clip.  If anything happens to Pena or Pastornicky, look for Gosselin to be first in line for backup duties.

Ernesto Mejia-  .450/.511/.600 Mejia is trying to get someone’s attention, and boy is he ever as he hasn’t stopped hitting since day 1 of the 2014 season.  His power has slowed down the last 10 games (2 doubles, 1 HR), but he’s finding a hole when he puts the bat on the ball.  His 11 RBIs during this stretch have really helped the G-Braves as the team has went 8-2 during that stretch.

Tommy La StellaTommy La Stella- .359/.413/.385  La Stella had a rough start to the season, but his last 10 games have shown his real talent, albeit the power is still missing.  The “balance”, as I referred to him the other day, has drawn 5 walks, collected 14 hits, and has struck out 0 times over the last 10 games.  A high walk/low strikeout guy somewhere at the top of the order would do wonders for the Major League club.

Jose Constanza- .333/.426/.436 After a rough Minor League campaign last year, Constanza is doing what he’s been known to do in the minors; get on base, steal base. He has collected 13 hits, including 2 triples, walked 7 times, and stole 3 bases (no caught stealing).  This has led to 10 runs the past 10 games.  That will win some ballgames!

Todd Cunningham- .333/.357/.513  Todd’s start to the year was anemic.  His last 10 games have been electric! At the first of the year, I said Todd was “a bit” player, meaning he can do a bit of everything, but not much of anything.  He has spent the last 10 games belittling my statement. Collecting 13 hits that’s included 4 doubles and 1 HR, Todd hasn’t quite rebounded his yearly numbers, but he’s well on his way.

Cody Martin- 11.2 IP, 6H, 2R, 14K  1.61 ERA-  In a mind-boggling move, Gwinnett started Cody in the bullpen (I guess due to surplus?) but moved him back to a starting role mid-April.  His last 2 starts have been superb!  Like Ian Thomas, Cody has maintained a high-K rate (9.4/9) in a starting role and should factor into the Braves’ future plans as early as next year.


Whose name is wilder? PICK ME!

Atahualpa Severino- 7.2IP, 7H, 2BB, 1R, 12K  0.80 ERA-  I guess this is the reason the Braves picked


up this guy and it wasn’t just to compete for craziest name with Wirfin Obispo!  Look for Severino to show that he can get lefties out regularly, and if he does, he could factor into this year’s bullpen should Avilan or Thomas struggle.

Wirfin Obispo- Let’s not cheapen Obispo’s results down to the last 2 weeks.  Obispo has been flawless thus far in 2014: 8.2IP, 2H, 3BB, 12K, 0.00 ERA.  He should also get consideration should one of the righties come up injured or show continued struggles.

Juan Jaime- like Obispo, Jaime’s ERA has been flawless for the year; 8IP, 5H, 7BB, 13K, 0.00 ERA.  This is a good problem for the Braves to have, however, Jaime has largely been lucky.  Walking 7 in 8 innings is not what the Braves want to see out of the flamethrower.

Who’s CHOPPIN’? AA Mississippi Braves


Elmer Reyes has scattered dirt all over the diamond with some worm-burning singles!

Elmer Reyes- .462/.500/.654-  En Fuego!  12 hits, including 4 doubles, in 26 at-bats, Reyes is putting his name in the hat for the future Utility Infielder position.  He’s currently on the 40-man roster, so he could very well be the 1st player to get the call should one of our middle-infielders get hurt, especially if that infielder is Simmons.

Shae Simmons-  I’ve spilt enough ink on Simmons…he’s really good!  0.00 ERA, 10K in 6.1 IP.

J.R. Graham- 10.1 IP, 11H, 4BB, 3K- Graham is getting good results in spite of lackluster peripherals.  He’ll need to rediscover his out pitch in order to continue his success.

Ryan Weber- 8 IP, 4H, 2BB, 6K 1.13 ERA  Ryan has been in starter/reliever limbo for his career,  however it looks like he’s going to relief full-time and it’s been a successful transition thus far!

John Cornely- 7.1 IP, 5H, 3BB, 7K 0.00 ERA  A high-K, high BB pitcher, Cornely has only given up 1 run this year and none in the last 2 weeks.  If he can keep his walks down, Cornely should be a bullpen factor in the upcoming years.

Keep an eye on these young, wild stallions as they represent the immediate future of the organization! Let’s see if they can keep CHOPPIN’!

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