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RESULTS: Atlanta Braves Trivia For Free Give-A-Ways!

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Last week Tomahawk Take ran a promotion with A+E Networks to offer our viewers the chance to win free MLB DVD’s!  All you had to do was answer a couple questions correctly, submit and be randomly chosen.

The free give-a-way that we are currently offering is  MLB Bloopers: Deluxe Doubleheader DVD.

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Before we announce the winners, lets take a look at the correct answers to the questions we asked.

What Jersey Number Did Bobby Cox Wear?

– The Manager of the Atlanta Braves from 1978 to 2010, Bobby Cox wore the #6 jersey.  Bobby led the Braves to a 2149-1709 win/loss record equally a .557 winning percentage.  The Hall of Fame Manager will be forever loved in the Braves community.

In What Year Did The Braves Move To Atlanta?

– For many Braves fans, this is a no-brainer but thought I’d throw it out to educate folks who may not know.  The Braves moved to Atlanta the year of 1966 after a 13 year stint in Milwaukee.  Prior to moving to Milwaukee the Braves begin in Boston in 1876 and stayed there until 1952.

Which Number Isn’t Retired By The Braves? 

– The Braves jersey that isn’t retired is jersey #42.  Dale Murphy wore the #3 jersey, Chipper Jones had the #10 and Phil Niekro had the #35 on his back.

In What Year Was The Braves Last Tie?

– This question was probably the toughest of them all and one you may have had to look up.  The point of this trivia wasn’t for you to look up every answer to correctly get all questions correct but was to educate you on the Braves history.  The last tie was Thursday August 15, 2002 against the Giants.

What Was The First Team Name Of The Braves?

– The team name that the Braves originated with was the Boston Red Stockings in 1876.  They stayed the Stockings until 1883 when they changed their name to Boston Beaneaters.  They were called the Beaneaters until 1907 when they changed the team name to Boston Doves.  In 1911 they changed to Boston Rustlers for a season and in 1912, Boston changed their name to the Boston Braves.

How Many World Championship Do The Braves Have?

– Overall the Braves have three World Championships in their organization.  The Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 1995, the Milwaukee Braves won in 1957 and the Boston Braves took home the trophy in 1914.  17 Pennants all together over the years and 23 overall playoff appearances for the Braves.


Thanks everyone for participating in this trivia.  We plan to do more because simply everyone likes free stuff!  We’ll be sending the winners separate emails.

The winners are…

Kyle Pierce

Zac Crider

Karla Koenig-Arnold

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