Braves Release New Stadium Pics

We’ve been wondering what the new Cobb County Stadium might look like – and now we have the first ideas.  But there could be a problem – I’ll get to that in a bit.  Here are the highlights otherwise:

  • 4 deck seating for 41,500 fans
  • 500 on-site residences
  • “abundant green space to create a park-like setting”
  • 90 foot wide roof
  • air conditioning on every level… not sure how that works outdoors, but okay
  • Huge Chop House out in right field (see drawing below)
  • Also on that photo:  note the substantially reduced foul territory.  Pitchers take note!
  • The ballpark will have its own ‘home run feature':  water fountains.
  • 6,000 on-site parking spaces, plus existing nearby lots ‘within walking distance.’
  • The lighting is interesting:  just two light towers are shown.  Interesting – that would improve the aesthetics, I’d think.

You can download the new renderings via the PDF file at this link.


Here’s my concern:  the angle

That’s the biggest change to be noted in this new release.  Note the picture below:

Braves_stadium_locationThe prior artwork showed a stadium pointed more-or-less due east (this photo has north/south/east/west oriented normally).  The new rendering shows it pointed kinda toward the SSE.

My concern for fans – and right-handed hitters – is that afternoon games are going to be brutally hot on the fans sitting on the third base line.  Moreover, the setting sun for summer evening games could be directly in the eyes of many sitting on that side of the field.

I had actually been encouraged with the east-facing drawing, as that seemed to have the potential for maximum fan comfort – especially with the wide roof as depicted.  Now I’m not so sure.

I like the drawings, though I do not see any “regional theme” going on in the design as yet.  Nonetheless, it all appears to be working together with the rest of the development as promised.  However, this one sticking point is a concern:  it puts a great number of fans directly into the summer Hot-lanta sun.

Is that really a big deal?  It would impact Sunday home games from May-September, plus the 6:30-8:00 (+/-) window for evening home games during the same time of the year.  I’m not concerned about games from April to early May due to the climate.  But of all directions they could have pointed the field, this one certainly surprises me.

Foul territory aside, hitters might find a challenge or two, depending on the wall dimensions:  prevailing winds would tend to run from right field toward the LF corner.  On hotter days, the wind tends to originate from the S/SE – blowing in toward home plate.  Atlanta seldom sees days with a NE-to-SE (hitter-friendly) flow, except possibly on the backside of a Low pressure storm passage.


But that’s the new stadium news of the day.  Check it out and see what you think!



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