Braves trade for Ozzie Martinez. What happens now?




Was the fate of Dan Uggla decided over the weekend?

Over the weekend, the Braves traded for utility infielder Ozzie Martinez.  While the details of the trade are unknown, it’s likely that the trade was for Cash.  Cash has been passed around more than a peace pipe, and I think it’s safe to say that he’s seen time with each of the 30 teams in the MLB.  As interesting of a player as Cash is, his b-ref page is non-existent and even though he seems to be in full-demand by each team, evidently he’s never seen time on the actual field. Odd…

Usually in a trade like this, it really means nothing to the organization, as guys like Martinez are just organizational fillers. However, being sent to AAA means there has to be another transaction, whether it be a demotion, or promotion, of someone currently on Gwinnett’s roster. With the 2 additions to Gwinnett’s roster over the weekend (Brandon Boggs, Ozzie Martinez), it seems apparent that something is going to happen.

Currently, there are only 25 active players on Gwinnett’s roster, even with the 2 new additions, BUT (yes, a big BUT), there are 4 players currently on the 7-day DL: Jose Constanza, Luis Vasquez, Andrew Russell, Luis Perez. Constanza is due to come off the DL any day now, so things could get quite interesting should that happen.

Gwinnett was rained out yesterday, so there was no word on any counter-transactions to the trade and signing. So what do you guys think?

Have we seen the end of Uggla?

Will La Stella get promoted today?

Did the 2 moves neither affect or not affect the fate of Uggla/La Stella?

Anyone have a scouting report on Cash?

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