TT Staff Fantasy League Update

Two months in, let’s check in on how the Tomahawk Take staff are faring in their fantasy league!


Overall: Alan 49, Ben 45, Chris 33 (Who is not able to participate), He Who Shall Not Be Named 32.5, Jeff 26.5, Brandon 24

By categories:
BA – Ben .283, Alan .282, Chris .282, Jeff .274, Brandon .269, HWSNBN .262
R – Alan 381, Chris 360, Ben 358, Jeff 345, HWSNBN 319, Brandon 291
HR – Alan 99, Jeff 84, HWSNBN 83, Chris 79, Ben 78, Brandon 76
RBI – Alan 374, Chris 334, HWSNBN 327, Jeff 308, Brandon 299, Ben 293
SB – Ben 76, HWSNBN 52, Alan 52, Jeff 49, Brandon 48, Chris 35
W – HWSNBN 39, Brandon 35, Ben 30, Alan 27, Jeff 27, Chris 26
SV – Ben 67, Alan 39, Jeff 35, Brandon 28, Chris 20, HWSNBN 13
K – Ben 554, HWSNBN 549, Alan 517, Brandon 471, Chris 446, Jeff 397
ERA – Alan 3.03, Ben 3.16, Chris 3.31, HWSNBN 3.35, Brandon 3.50, Jeff 3.57
WHIP – Chris 1.13, Ben 1.19, Alan 1.20, Brandon 1.22, HWSNBN 1.22, Jeff 1.23


There has only been one trade in the league, between Alan and Ben, with Ben trading from his depth of SS and closers to acquire a frontline starter and a 2B.  Ben sent Koji Uehara and Alexei Ramirez to Alan in exchange for Justin Verlander and Dee Gordon.  Thus far, the trade has been a huge win for Alan as Verlander has been struggling while Uehara has yet to allow an earned run since the trade, and although Gordon has stolen 19 bases since the trade, he and Ramirez hold similar value in that time frame.

As far as pickups, He Who Shall Not Be Named is lapping the competition with 23 pickups, with the next closest competitor having only 15 on the season.


So far, the top two in the league have had some space between them and the rest of the league, based primarily on Ben’s pitching versus Alan’s hitting.  The league is far from over, but it is obvious that the massive DL issues we saw this year have played into the standings as players like Bryce Harper, Jose Fernandez, and Jose Abreu who were playing a big part in the seasons of teams in the league were major losses when they went down for extended periods.  It will be a fun ride the rest of the season with a smaller league like this to see who can grab the impact rookies that come along with the veterans who go on a hot streak.

Just so everyone knows, we had a writer leave Tomahawk Take who had to cease connection to the site due to his new employment, so that is why he will have the moniker HWSNBN.

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