Experts' Guesses on the Braves Draft

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Jun 1, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Shae Simmons (left) shakes hands with catcher Evan Gattis (right) after defeating the Miami Marlins 4-2 at Marlins Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I admit it:  the MLB Draft first-year player draft is not nearly as sexy an event as the NFL or NBA drafts.  In those leagues, if you’re a first round pick, fans expect you to make the roster and then play in meaningful games within 3-4 months.

With baseball, the draft is more like planting a tree in your backyard.  It’s a decent-looking sapling at the time you plant it, maybe with a few leaves and signs of possible future growth.  Every now and then you peek out the window to make sure your tree hasn’t died on you.  In about five years, you’re hoping that it might have ‘taken’ well enough to trim up a bit.  Some – like Shae Simmons – grow faster.  If all goes well, then in ten years, you have a strong tree that’s providing meaningful shade to your yard.

As we project out the next 4-6 years, the Atlanta Braves have a few holes in its orchard that need filling:  primarily those holes are Pitchers (always, but especially left-handed ones) and Catchers.  The draft is deep… at least on the pitching side, and that’s good, given the spate of pitching injuries that tend to cull the crop.

The Braves’ first 3 rounds have picks at selection slots 32, 66, and 102.  Let’s check around with some of the mock drafts the are out there and see who they think Atlanta is after for that first selection.

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  • fireboss

    I agree on Getty’s, people pick him because the Braves always pick local players except when they don’t; see also Freddie Freeman. The Kodi Medeiros pick has legs for me not because I’m personally in love with him, I never contemplated him at all. However listening to John Hart on MLB’s round table perked my ears up. he was “Very High” on Medeiros, loved his upside and his unusual arm slot. Of pitchers Griffin is the guy if he’s still there. On the same panel they discussed him as being a Steve Carlton comp. If that’s true he may go higher particularly is a club is seeking a lefty. The Fedde pick isn’t out of the realm of possibility if better (lefty) pitching options are gone or he falls to round two unexpectedly. Personally I doubt he makes it to us. Justin Sheffield is built a lot like Billy Wagner & JR Graham. I know MLB Insider lists him as 6’1 180 but BA says 5’9″ 195 and I’ll go with that until I see a tie breaker somewhere. As a lefty and #1 in Tennessee he could well be the pick if Griffin isn’t around; makes more sense than Madeiros. If Monte Harrison drops that far we shoudl grab him and run like hell before they notice