The Zombie Apocalypse Offense Undead Game Thread

With apologies to those whose graphics I stole* from the Internet, this is the Official Undead Offense/Undead Game Thread for today’s contest between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies.  The Braves’ offense has been in decay - zombie-like decay, in fact – with mostly sluggish slugging and a lot of time taken off between their occasional attacks… just like your average zombie apocalypse B-movie script.

The Phils come in today with a chance to sweep the Braves right out of Atlanta and on towards an even tougher task with the Washington Nationals – whom they face for four games starting Thursday.  Yes, while it’s still kinda early, but you have to wonder if the momentum of this season might turn on this team’s performance over the next week.

Accordingly, Fredi Gonzalez has not only shuffled the lineup, he has outright taken a shotgun to it, by cutting off its head and recreating it like some mad scientist:

Not only are BOTH Uptons sitting today, not only is Simmons sitting, but there’s the strong hint of different things still to come with this lineup:



Wow.  That’s gonna be interesting going forward.

Game time is 12:10 Eastern:  join us — if you DARE!!


*The bobbleheads can be purchased:


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