Jun 19, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; Atlanta Braves pitcher Gavin Floyd (32) throws a pitch in the first inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED: Atlanta Braves Gavin Floyd Leaves Game With Elbow Injury

You guessed it…another elbow injury for a Braves pitchers.  It’s becoming a theme in Atlanta for the past few years and now it’s hit Gavin Floyd…again.

Floyd, when still pitching for the Chicago White Sox, had Tommy John surgery last year’s still recovering from that.  He was making his ninth start for the Braves after TJ on Thursday night and was actually pitching very well.  He had only given up two hits and one walk with no runs scored.  He struck out six batters and pitched into the 7th inning.


Floyd picked up his first victory after the surgery in Colorado last week.

He threw one pitch in the 7th inning to Jayson Werth before he walked around the mound and the Braves trainers came out.

“He was dealing, he was throwing the ball great,” Chris Johnson said after the game.  “Hopefully the doctors will take a look and see what goes on…something in the back of his elbow…I hope he’s alright”

UPDATE 6/19 10:22pm




The olecranon is a large, thick, curved bony eminence of the forearm that projects behind the elbow.  It’s the bony prominence of the elbow, on the upper end of the ulna.  It is opposite to the cubital fossa.  This means Floyd pretty much broke his elbow or fractured his elbow.



Below is a shot that was circling twitter when he came out of the game.


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  • fireboss

    He also had a torn flexor tendon repaired at the same time the TJ was done.

    • Jeff Schafer

      That’s right…everyone forgets about that. I really hope this isn’t bad but Floyd’s reactions on the field makes me think it’s not good.

      • fireboss

        Just hypothesizing that might be the swelling; the flexor tendon coming apart at the repair. I emailed my physio expert to ask. If I get an answer I’ll write something

        • Jeff Schafer

          Great, yes please do….i’d be curious to hear what they say

          • Sealift67

            The gamble a GM takes when he signs a guy coming off
            of big time reconstructive surgery. Risk v Reward. Perhaps he
            comes back, or goes to the DL, and rehabs. Wood is ready
            in any event and represents the future.

  • Jeff Schafer

    Floyd was pitching outstanding tonight and his offspeed pitchers were breaking the best they have all year. If he goes down, this hurts the Braves badly because he could have been a key element to a trade or continued to help the braves rotation

  • Jeff Schafer

    Ring, ring, ring….hello this is Alex….Hi Frank Wren, please report back to Atlanta

    • fireboss

      I sent a similar tweet as Floyd left the mound. Alex will likely pay his own air fare to get there.. After the bigs the minors suck

  • http://www.google.com/search?q=marty+barrett&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari#biv=i|31;d|saDeN68uywQKvM: MartyBarrett17

    Not saying its the same thing, but I had a golf ball on my elbow that looked exactly the same. It was bursitis. Bursa sac swoll up for 2 weeks. Went away, haven’t seen it for over a year now. I guess that would be best case scenario for Floyd.

    • fireboss

      We can hope that’s it. He didn’t have that dejected “I felt it snap” look more befuddled. It just happened so fast, that’s what worries me

  • Jeff Schafer

    Broke elbow for Floyd…wow didn’t see that report coming

  • Jeff Schafer

    Gavin Floyd “It was sore before, not in the area I had surgery, so I just thought it was sore…i felt it pop but it wasn’t painful”

  • Jeff Schafer

    “I thought it was scar tissue, it wasn’t painful.”

  • Jeff Schafer

    Fredi Gonzalez was just asked do you think he’ll be OK and be able to pitch NEXT YEAR…he responded with “Yeah”

    • fireboss

      Fredi was being diplomatic or supportive but. . Well. . .no. Joel Zumaya. Ring a bell? Threw a pitch, broke his elbow hasn’t pitched since. That’s the stress point and even if as I suspect it will be normal again normal doesn’t throw 90+ and a hook. He’s done

      • Mushy Peas

        Was just about to the very same thing. :-(
        Even if its a lower grade fracture, for a pitcher, it doesn’t seem likely that a complete recovery is possible. Not with the stress of pitching and not with having had TJS on top of that.
        How devastating for him.

      • http://tomahawktake.com/ carpengui

        When I heard “broken bone”, I was optimistic since obviously that wasn’t a ligament thing… but now it’s hard to say. I understand your point (the ‘stress point’), but this is also such a rare thing that I have to wonder if surgery can reinforce the area.

        In a search of images for this injury, I’m seeing a lot of repairs that I frankly doubt a pitcher would qualify for – big screws inserted and such; things that could limit rotation and mobility. I expect it will depend on how much broke off and how much the surgeons have to work with.

        • fireboss

          Surgery isn’t always done but obviously it has to be in this case if he has any chance at all – or at least that’s my guess. I doubt he’s back at all but certainly not this season. A shame really,