Mar 17, 2014; Kissimmee, FL, USA; Fans sit in the rain during the game between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves at Osceola County Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Braves at Astros: Live Thread And Rant!

My Endless B.J. Upton Rant

I recently went off on a rant in another Live Thread when the Atlanta Braves were playing the Washington Nationals, the gist of my rant my continual shock, surprise, and angst at the Braves’ decision to continue putting B.J. Upton in the 2 hole.  With his paltry performance, I don’t get it, cannot understand it, and see absolutely zero logic in the elder Upton being anywhere the first five holes in any lineup! I suppose Fredi Gonzalez listened to me, because ironically B.J. Upton isn’t in the 2 hole tonight as the Atlanta Braves travel to take on the Houston Astros.  Instead, the Braves have opted to put B.J. Upton in the leadoff spot.  I’m speechless! The word rant doesn’t do justice to my shock and anger with this move, and again I’m just baffled to find any logic in such a  move.

I love that tonight they have Tommy La Stella in the two hole where I’ve said he belongs since coming up, and I suppose that because Jason Heyward is doing so well in the 5 hole, it may make some sense to put a relatively speedy player like B.J. Upton at leadoff, but you generally hope to have a hitter that can actually get on base with some regularity in that spot.  B.J. Upton doesn’t fit the bill, so even though I’ve called for La Stella to be in the 2 hole, I’d keep him at leadoff and put the elder Upton somewhere down around 7 or 8.

Final Take

Oh well, I suppose I’m just a writer and editor, and not a major league manager.  Having coached baseball many years on the amateur level though, these moves manager Fredi Gonzalez is making are not moves I would EVER have made, in any league! I’ll stop my rant now, but I had to get that out.  You agree? No? Share your thoughts with us in our Live Thread tonight as the Braves start their series against the Houston Astros.

Live Open Thread

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