Ervin Santana '1-Upped' By a Little Girl

@ErvinSantana_54, the bar has been raised!  #SMELLBaseball is your thing, but this little girl has done you one further:  #TASTEBaseball.

Check out this video from and also this GIF of the event.




Sorry Ervin Santana, but you’re just gonna have to step up your game!

Ervin Santana's Smell Baseball TShirt (credit:

Ervin Santana’s Smell Baseball TShirt (credit:

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this article from will explain – it’s about Santana’s passion for the game.  It’s also on the hashtag he uses on virtually every tweet.

So now there’s another one out there who’s trying to suggest that this ‘passion’ thing can be raised to a whole new level!  But then again, we’re gonna have to somehow make her into a Braves fan.  Might not be too difficult, given that this was taken from a Padres’ home game:  maybe the Braves will give this family something better to root for!




Go Braves!






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