Jun 30, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy (44) pitches during the first inning against the Chicago Cubs at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors a-Swirling!

T’is the season for Atlanta Braves trade rumors!

The Braves are known to be in the market for some upgrades, especially in regards to the bench and the bullpen.  However, the first juicy rumor that has the Braves’ name in it isn’t concerning either the bench or the bullpen.  Here it be…

Atlanta Braves interested in Boston Red Sox Jake Peavy

Here’s the scoop on Peavy this year…it ain’t pretty.  In 110.2 innings pitched,  Peavy has a 4.64 ERA, a 4.81 FIP (which suggests his peripherals aren’t even that good).  Everything that needs to be low are high (H/9, BB/9, HR/9), and everything that needs to be high are low (K/9, ERA, velocity… you get the picture). So, why Peavy?  Not sure.  Even his park adjusted ERA isn’t desirable. Peavy does reside in Braves’ country in the offseason (Semmes, AL) and the Braves are well-known to like players that reside in the south.

Regarding Braves’ interest in Jake Peavy, the Braves almost acquired Peavy back in 2008.  It’s no fun to think about, but if Peavy were to have been acquired, the Braves would’ve likely not had to sign Derek Lowe to a horrendous contract.  The significant loss for the Braves would’ve been Yunel Escobar who provided the Braves with exceptional value in both ’08 and ’09 before being traded for Alex Gonzalez in the middle of a horrid 2010, of which he became very unlikable by not only fans, but by teammates.  I remember the first game that Alex Gonzalez trotted out to shortstop for the Braves after the trade, the infield all stopped, took their gloves off, and clapped for him.  The next year, when Yunel came back to Atlanta, David O’Brien had some very…ummm, interesting things to say regarding Escobar’s departure.  You can read the entire article here, but here’s a snippet:

He was a petulant hot dog of a player who rubbed teammates wrong at least as frequently as he ticked off opponents.

But it didn’t happen and Yunel continued to piss Chipper Jones and the rest of the Braves off, and Peavy toed the mound for the Padres.  Peavy’s contract would have paid him 4 years/59 million, 1 million less than Derek Lowe.  During the life of the contracts, Peavy was worth 11.2 WAR. Lowe….7.3.  If it makes a difference to anyone, Yunel Escobar was worth 4.2 WAR, so it looks like the non-trade was essentially a wash anyway, as the imaginary shortstop that would’ve taken Yunel’s place is not known.

One fact I didn’t know about Peavy: without corrective lenses, he’s legally blind.  I find that absolutely fascinating for a Major League pitcher.

So, what’s the consensus?  All in favor, Yay.  All opposed, Nay.  What’ll it be?

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