May 2, 2014; Bronx, NY, USA; Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher David Price (14) delivers a pitch against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors: A Mystery Scout Luring In David Price?

We’ve covered it, they’ve covered it, everyone’s talking about it…it’s the ludicrous David Price trade rumors.

The reason I say ludicrous is frankly because, from reports, it seems like the Tampa Bay Rays have shown zero signs that they have interest in trading Price.  In the recent weeks, the Rays have been playing good baseball winning seven of their last 10 games and 17 of their last 27 games.  They have a weekend series with the Toronto Blue Jays prior to the All-Star break.

Tampa Bay has historically been a second half team so will they even be sellers heading into the trade deadline?

The other question is…do the Braves have enough ammo in the tank to offer the Rays for Price?

I’m not sure…

But I will say this…Christian Bethancourt is demonstrating on the field that he is a MLB ready player.  If the Braves look into the future and see Evan Gattis as their catcher, Bethancourt could possibly be a key piece in a trade.

Personally, I love seeing Bethancourt behind the plate for the Atlanta Braves.  I think he calls a great game and just looks extremely comfortable back there.  Than you think about Gattis’ bat and think he has to be in the lineup.

Tough decisions are on the horizon for the Braves at the catcher position with or without a trade for David Price.

A former member of the Atlanta Braves – you may have heard of him – Chipper Jones seemed to inadvertently lobby for Price to come to ATL on his Twitter feed.


And David responded to Chipper later in the afternoon…


The MLB hot stove is heating up as we inch closer to July 31st.  The teams that are rumored to be in on Price deal…Dodgers, Angels, Mariners, Cardinals and Braves.

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  • fireboss

    Price has 8M left coming to him this year and will get 18M in arbitration next year. The Braves have been open and vocal about their lack of payroll flexibility. To take price on for the year they need to shed $8M and give up 3 top prospects. As I wrote earlier today there’s no way Wren goes that big, he doesn’t have the resources.

    • Braves Paul

      Frank Wren also stated that he has no intention of going after another starting pitcher. Indicated that they’re looking at bench/bullpen help. The bullpen idea is baffling since, by the numbers, the Braves have one of the best bullpens in MLB this season.

      • fireboss

        he wants someone to backup Avilan who’s been wild in the zone and getting hammered. The numbers don’t show how hard he’s been hit. Simmons has trouble with the first lefty he sees in a game, he tend to be off the plate in the RH batters box with at least a couple of pitches today it was 4 Walden is the best against lefties now but he can be erratic. I’d liek to see them give Shreve a look but FW wants a veteran – he’d love a McGee or Miller if he can swing it but will likely have to settle for less.


        when have you ever known frank wren john schuerholtz and anyone else associated with the braves front office to make their intentions on trades and free agent signings public..I Could be wrong but i believe that that is just a smokescreen because they dont want the public or anyone else to know their true intentions when it comes to acquiring price or any other legitimate number one pitcher….


      au contraire mu fraire they definitely have the money given the fact beachy medlin gearrin and venters are all on the shelf for the forseeable future…they could use those four players injury payouts to get price to atlanta and then resign him to a team friendly long term extension,since he says he grew up watching the braves maybe he would consider taking less money in a long term extension if the braves somehow finagled a way to acquire him via trade

      • fireboss

        Your arguments aren’t all that valid, the assumptions are incorrect.
        According to Marc Idelson President of HCC Specialty Underwriters, Inc. who underwrite major league player policies, most MLB team insure their long-term deals. Medlen, Beachy, Gearrin and Venters were on one year deals. Medlen and Beachy had a previous TJ surgery and statistically were going to have another within 7 years. So even if the Braves chose to insure them the premiums would be more than the standard 10% of the policy usually charged for healthy players.
        You cannot insure the health and ability to play of a player who is already on the disabled list so Venters doesn’t qualify for coverage.
        Gearrin makes the league minimum and is on a year to year contract, those salaries aren’t insured.
        The sources you’ve quoted as dependable in other replies, David O’Brien and Mark Bowman – Carroll Rogers has moved on to other work and is no longer on the Braves beat – have reported repeatedly that the Braves have stretched their salary as far as it will go. Mark Bradley who offered a spirited if laden with holes defense of Wren as a GM, reported the same thing and opined that any deal for a salaried player would require the addition of enough prospects to offset that salary. That would mean for example our best two prospects plus two mid level prospect and a MLB ready player. Wren won’t do that because his best work has been restocking the minors with arms and such a trade would undo all that work.
        There’s no reason to suspect he’d accept less than $25M a year to play for the Braves but if Price wants to stay in the south any team friendly deal for him would start with Hamels $22M, adjust upward for inflation and run for 6 years with a no trade. All things the Braves have never shown willing to do.

  • Braves Paul

    Let’s not forget @ajcbraves helping to fuel the fire ( ) by responding to a random fan’s question earlier in the day!

  • Jeff Schafer

    It’s humorous to me that the Atlanta Braves are now letting in so many common folks into their private upper management meetings. If this is an open invitation, please send it my way!

  • fireboss

    I think you’ll find that this piece isn’t saying that a Price trade is coming. In fact Jeff says exactly what you say in exactly your words; ludicrous. When a rumor pops up we look at it to see if it has legs or not. Every fan site and most pro sites do a what if trade analysis and what we try to do is similar but not a series of what if’s. Now and then a writer will post a dream trade and that’s fine less informed fans ask why we can’t don;t make trades like Uggla for Matt Kemp and we try to explain what you already understand; trades have to make sense and provide value to each team.
    I do in depth looks at various issues often. A look at realistic trade expectation and in depth analysis of why can be found in this post.

    We’ll be looking at needs and our ability to fill those needs in the next weeks particularly and from now through the end of the season. If you have a topis that you’d like to see addressed let us know. If you’d like to contribute contact Jeff or myself and we’ll try to get it posted.
    We do appreciate all comments and hope you’ll continue to read and add your ideas to the conversation.

  • James

    How about a package of David Hale and Shae Simmons for Starling Castro? He can certainly make the move to 2nd and will give us the average and speed we get from LaStella with some added pop.

    • Jeff Schafer

      I kinda like that idea. Castro has had a rebound year for Chicago. I doubt they’d be interested in trading him tho.

      It would be tough to give Simmons away


        why on earth would they trade arguably the best shortstop in baseball not named derek jeter and someone they already signed to a 6 year 54 million dollar extension…its not happening simmons is going nowhere but to the hall of fame as a brave

        • fireboss

          They are talking about Shae Simmons, not Simba


            even still they wont trade a player who has the same talent and determination and iron will that craig kimbrel possesses..heck simmons could be the next kimbrel for all we know

          • fireboss

            I don’t disagree, as I noted above Castro won’t agree to play third, they just extended CJ and won;t dump him yet and it makes no sense at all for the Braves

          • Jeff Schafer

            You’re correct on that, and that is why other teams are interested in him. A talent like this doesn’t come often and GMs know that.

            With all the bullpen trouble the Braves are having, I extremely doubt they let any of the solid pieces go

    • fireboss

      Objectively Castro is a great add to any team. Practically there are some obstacles. First and foremost Theo isn’t trading Castro unless he gets blown away by an offer. he’s said Castro and Rizzo are the core and he means that the trade does give them two highly ranked SS prospects however Addison Russell is just 20 years old and at least a year and maybe two away. The other Cub top 100 SS prospect is 21 year old Javier Baez. Russell has the better glove and both have good bats.With Alcantara whom we met yesterday at second and Kris Bryant coming at third the middle infield looks log jammed. One of them may end up in CF but at least one will be flipped for impact arm pitching because great SS are always hard to find and the AL in particular is devoid of good ones now. Simmons and Hale don’t fit the Cubs need. They’d want Hursh or Sims plus another prospect IF we thought Castro would accept playing second.. which he wouldn’t. Castro also costs more than Tommy and frankly we need Tommy’s kind of bat and style of play/personality more than Castro’s. Luis Valbuena fits us better as a LHH 2b/3b with pop & a minor league arm like Northcraft might well bring him over.

    • Eric Cramer

      Throw in your soul and first born and we’ve got a deal!