Aug 18, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves second baseman Phil Gosselin (59) celebrates scoring with manager Fredi Gonzalez (33) in the first inning against the Washington Nationals at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves Moves: Gosselin In, Uggla Out?

Joe Morgan of MLB reports that the Atlanta Braves have recalled Phil Gosselin back to the big club, and he’s scheduled to join the team today in Chicago for the rubber match with the Cubs.

Morgan reports that the Braves will make an announcement of a corresponding move today, so we can all let the conjecture begin!

Gosselin has been tearing it up for the Braves’ Triple-A affiliate in Gwinnett, where he’s hit a nice .345, gone yard five times, and drove in 30 runs! Add to that the fact that Gosselin was selected this year to be an International League All-Star, and Gosselin is as worthy a call-up as anyone.

The Braves have a spot on the 40-man roster since they outrighted reliever Pedro Beato yesterday, but they will still need to make room on the 25-man roster for Gosselin, and of course that’s where the conjecture begins about what the Braves plan to do.

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, like all of us, wonders if Dan Uggla could be traded or designated for assignment by the Braves.

The Braves recalled hot-hitting infielder Phil Gosselin from Triple-A Gwinnett late Saturday, and when a corresponding roster move is announced Sunday it’s possible veteran second baseman Dan Uggla could be designated for assignment or traded.

Anytime a move like this occurs, the staff at Tomahawk Take start gathering around, sharing thoughts, brainstorming, and jumping head-first into the big ole’ pile of conjecture just like any other group of writers or analysts. The news about Gosselin came late, but that hasn’ t stopped us from swimming in the pool of thoughts. Here’s a few….


  • Our own Alan Carpenter shared a few of his thoughts in our brainstorming session this morning. He believes (and I concur) that it’s unlikely the Braves would outright Dan Uggla today, just a day before the All-Star break, and after carrying him on the bench (for the most part) for the last month and a half. That would be more likely to occur later this week than now.
  • Could it be that someone on the infield or even the outfield is hurt, and there’s a need we’re unaware of? Gosselin is not just a good hitter, but also a good utility player with the ability to play multiple positions, much like a Martin Prado. Phil has played 2nd, shortstop, 3rd, outfield, and worked as a DH. Given that he’s that versatile, if someone is dinged up, then Phil might just be playing a small role for the final game before the break.
  • The Cincinnati Reds received bad news when it was recently announced that 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips would miss 6 weeks or more due to a torn thumb ligament that will require surgery to repair. Now, Dan Uggla is certainly no Brandon Phillips, but could the Braves be looking to trade Dan Uggla to the Reds, or perhaps even Ramiro Pena. Pena would be a better choice for the Reds, but even Dan Uggla could just need a change of scenery, even if temporary.
  • And while there are certainly many other avenues of conjecture (the pool is always deep around here), it could just be simply that Ramiro Pena is being sent back to Tripe-A Gwinnett. Pena is a decent fielder at 2nd, and can play multiple positions himself, but Ramiro is hitting just a paltry .204 BA with an even more paltry .271 OBP. I have to say that of all these avenues of thought, this last one is the road my cleats like the most if we’re talking something dramatic, but it’s likely just an injury need.

What are your thoughts on the move to bring up Phil Gosselin? I’m certain you die-hard Braves’ fans are already brainstorming like we do, and are considering other avenues as well. We’d love to hear them. While we wait for the game today, and possible news about what this means, it’s fun to again jump into the deep pool of conjecture. Come on in, the water’s fine.

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  • R K

    Simmons received injury in game yesterday. Simmons to go to 15 day DL.

  • fireboss

    He has been carrying a leg issue for a while but it’s unlikely they DL Simmons unless something is broken or the injury is serious. They could simply start Pena today and wait until Friday to see how he responds to treatment and back date it to today.Actually that goes for about anyone. It could well be a 2 for 1 trade for that left reliever we need. MLB doesn’t like trades announced during the ASG so getting it done today would solve several issues like travel for the players. It might well be a Schafer plus a player to a team needing a temporary outfielder. Hard to say now as there’s not much chatter yet.

  • Chris Headrick

    Could they be stretching out a reliever at AAA…perhaps Hale, to make a move after the break with the rotation. This is also a possibility. Too many of them at this point, but I do lean toward resting Simba, putting Phil at short, and perhaps sending Pena down for the moment. Fun to wonder.

    • fireboss

      Pena is out of options. No one on the bench has options. Hale is pretty stretched out anyway, went 5 a week ago and could have gone more; likely could do it today in a pinch. Looks like a trade maybe Hale and Schafer for Miller? Sort of makes sense … I dunno

  • fireboss

    ESPN’s A J Mass is on the Uggla DFA bandwagon but sites nothing more than O’Brien’s piece this morning.
    “It looks like the Atlanta Braves have finally had enough of Dan Uggla’s lackluster performance this season. On Saturday night, the team recalled infielder Phil Gosselin from Triple-A”
    It just seems and odd and not particularly intuitive time to do that. Why now? The only way I can see it is if Uggla has earned enough splinters to voluntarily go to AA or AAA. He would clear waivers without doubt and could see it as his last best hope for a career. Doesn’t seem to be in his nature OTOH this has to be wearing on him.

  • Ryan Cothran

    Dan Uggla a 1-game suspension? Whaaaaat?!

    • fireboss

      Where did you see that? Oh Okay check my Twitter. sorry

  • Ryan Cothran

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it but apparently he’s been wearing a “play me or trade me” shirt under his uniform.

  • fireboss

    #Braves Uggla has received a 1-game suspension, not sure why yet— David O'Brien (@ajcbraves) July 13, 2014

  • fireboss

    Latest from O’Brien, Uggla suspended for tardiness. Fredi G just says it’s an internal matter.
    From Uggla’s point of view he doesn’t play and rarely pinch hits, who is going to miss him?