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Braves Draft Picks 21 Signed or Is that 23

The final day to sign players chosen in the June draft passed quietly for the Braves  They selected 40 players and this morning Joe Morgan reported 21 signed.  Meanwhile Baseball America’s Daft Database shows 25 players with draft bonus numbers next to their name which I assume means they believe these players to have signed. As Alan noted in his draft followup BA also shows a $5000 bonus for Matt Tellor which is obviously not right. The definitive answer comes then from the Braves own draft  selection page. . .or it should.  I say it should because the page itself can’t decide. The draft listing shows 21 players with signing dates so Morgan is right . . then there’s Brandon Barker and Tanner Krietemeier

Phantoms of The Draft

A RHP out of Mercer, Barker was selected in the 16th round of the draft with the 493rd pick.  According to the Baseball Cube, in three years at Mercer he started 54 games and threw 279 innings posting a 3.29 ERA with a 1.33 WHIP.  He also averaged eight strikeouts per nine innings, a K/BB ratio of 3.12 and a HR/9 of 0.42. It easy to see why they drafted him. In spite of what Morgan and the Braves draft page says, they also apparently signed him because after two game with Rome he’s currently suiting up for Danville. So far he’s appeared in three games there striking out six in his seven innings of work.

Krietemeier was selected in the 23rd round of the draft. The 6’2″ 210 pound Oklahoma State first baseman hit .275 with 10 home runs and 52 RBI this season and I’m pretty sure he signed because he’s blowing up the Sally League at Rome with a .300/.400/.400/.800 line. Okay he’s 9-30 with a double and a triple in 35 PA  but he has walked five times while striking out just thee and that’s a nice start.

The Rest of The Draft

That settled here’s a list of the rest of those signed in the draft.

1 32 Braxton Davidson OF NC $1,705,000 GCLB
2 66 Garrett Fulenchek RHP TX $1,000,000 GCLB
3 102 Max Povse RHP NC $425,000 Dan
4 133 Chad Sobotka RHP SC $400,000 GCLB
5 163 Chris Diaz LHP FL $285,500 Rome
6 193 Keith Curcio OF FL $225,000 Dan
7 223 Luke Dykstra 2B CA $163,900 GCLB
8 253 Bradley Roney RHP MS $153,000 Dan
9 283 Jordan Edgerton 3B NC $115,000 Dan
10 313 Matt Tellor 1B MO $5,000 GCLB
11 343 Luis Gamez RHP AZ   GCLB
14 433 Joseph Daris OF CA   Dan
15 463 Caleb Dirks RHP CA   Rome
16 493 Brandon Barker RHP GA   Rome
18 553 Jacob Webb RHP KS   GCLB
19 583  Codey McElroy SS OK   Dan
20 613 Wigberto Nevarez C TX   GCLB
22 673 Sean Godfrey OF IN   Rome
23 703 Tanner Krietemeier !B Ok Rome
25 763 Kyle Kinman LHP NE   Dan
26 793 Trevor Sprowl 2B AL   Dan
28 853 Matt Sims RHP TX   Dan
31 943 Sal Giardina C FL   Rome
38 1,153 John J. Franco 2B RI   GCLB

As I noted earlier the bonus amounts are from the BA database. Tellor’s is quite probably wrong, the rest have not been reported anywhere I can find.

Just to round things out here are the folks chosen in the draft who didn’t sign

RND Pick Player POS
12 373 Patrick Dorrian 2B
13 403 Caleb Beech RHP
17 523 Ashton Perritt RHP
21 643 Jake Godfrey RHP
24 733 Kevin Reiher C
27 823 Carl Stajduhar 1B
29 883 Dazon Cole RHP
30 913 Jared James OF
32 973 Tucker Baca LHP
33 1,003 Doug Still LHP
34 1,033 Nick Leonard RHP
35 1,063 Ryan Kokora RHP
36 1,093 Larry Crisler OF
37 1,123 Gavin Sheets 1B
39 1,183 Grayson Byrd SS
40 1,213 Randy Santiesteban 2B

That’s A Wrap

The whole signed or not signed issue is more funny than important of course but still it’s nice to be ahead once in a while.  It’s way too early to look at the players and know how we did in the draft. Frequently late round players turn out to have a big impact; Kris Medlen is great example. The best we can hope for is the player’s continued good health and that when they get the chance to show what they can do they give it all they have every day. That’s all anyone can ask of any player.

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