Trade Rumors Atlanta Braves: Reason Frank Wren is staying quiet?

Atlanta Braves GM smarter than we might give him credit…

It was just released that the Boston Red Sox traded Jake Peavy + 2.5 million dollars to the San Francisco Giants for Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree.  Peavy is roughly owed 5 million for the rest of this year and will be a free agent next year. This would be a good get for the Sox if  Peavy was having a good year…he’s not.

In 20 games started, Peavy has a 4.72 ERA that is supported by an equally poor 4.81 FIP. His BB/9 is up and his K/9 is down.  There’s nothing really positive about his performance as his average fastball velocity has dipped below 90 for the first time in his career. So what does this trade have to do with the Braves?  Nothing really, but let’s analyze the cost of this trade.

Edwin Escobar, prior to the 2014 season, was ranked the 2nd best prospect in the Giants organization.  Here’s what John Sickels over at Minor League Ball had to say about him:

LHP, Grade B+: Borderline B. Throws three quality pitches for strikes, dominated the California League and continued to perform well after moving up to Double-A. Future number three starter I think, relatively high floor but doesn’t have Crick’s physical ceiling.

Escobar has fell from grace a bit this year as he’s yet to show the same control that he had shown in AA and lower levels in the minors.  Pitching in a hitter-friendly league, Escobar has pitched to a 5.11 ERA.  Not promising. Next prospect…

Heath Hembree, prior to the 2014 season, was ranked as the #8 prospect in the Giants organization. A big framed pitcher that profiles as a Major League closer, here’s what Sickels had to say:

RHP, Grade B-: B- is a high grade for a relief prospect in my view. I think his command improvements are real and he should be a successful short man.

Hembree was pitching in the Majors and had yet to give up an earned run in 7.2 innings of work.

The trade package equivalent for the Atlanta Braves

We ran an article a few weeks back about the Braves interest in Peavy, and it was widely viewed that Peavy didn’t provide an upgrade to our current rotation, but I responded that if the price were low enough, he might be worth the risk.  This price wasn’t low enough.  Here is our trade package equivalent should the Braves have chosen to trade with the Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox receive Lucas Sims and Shae Simmons

Atlanta Braves receive Jake Peavy + 2.5 million in salary relief.

Both Sims and Escobar have struggled in the minors this year and  both were graded out as B+ prospects.  Sims’ prospect status might not be as damaged as Escobar’s as he’s seen to have a higher ceiling, but after this year, I’d guess his ceiling will be falling.

Heath Hembree and Shae Simmons both came in at B- prospects and as relievers.  Simmons outshined Hembree in the Minor Leagues, but has put up superior numbers in a smaller sample at the Majors.

Some might call the package equivalents lop-sided and that the Braves would not have had to give up that for Peavy.  Keep in mind that the Braves have no money to spend therefore the 2.5 million sent to the Braves would have been the entire 5 million.

The Brutal truth for the Atlanta Braves

Any impact starting pitcher is out of our price range.  Let’s hope that a LH reliever, and a bench bat or 2 are not. Ugh.  This just provides more reason to try and fix things internally.

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