Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren Did What?!?

The following phone call may have taken place at 4pm EST, Thursday, July 31st…

Lovely assistant to Frank Wren: “Frank Wren’s office, how may I direct your call?”

Me: “Tell Frank that Ben is on the line, and I want to talk with him immediately!”

LATFW: “Just a moment, sir!” “Mr. Wren, I believe I have Ben Cherington on hold for you.”

Frank: “Ben, exciting few hours! Too bad we couldn’t get together on Andrew Miller, but you guys did well on him!”

Ben: “What?! No, this is Ben Chase! I’m calling about this James Russell and Emilio Bonifacio deal you just made. What were you thinking?!”


So, I’m not going to score that interview with Frank I was hoping for in the offseason.  Maybe I’ll just use a fake name. Regardless, I’m quite irked right now!

No, the Russell and Bonifacio for Victor Caratini deal wasn’t a bad one on paper, but I’m not dealing with paper here.  I’m dealing with a rabid fan’s emotions.  This is akin to the day they chose not to offer Bob Horner a contract or when David Justice was traded or even when they started Brooks Conrad in the playoffs…

I was patient when they moved Caratini back to catcher after a seemingly successful look at third base last season.  I was patient when they kept him in Rome as other prospects were promoted with similar or lesser stat lines.  I was patient when I noticed they were teasing me with a couple handfuls of games at the hot corner this season.  Now, my patience has been betrayed.

If they would have moved Caratini to get a Jon Lester or David Price, I’d have been all for it.  Use his value to secure a guy who could lead the team to a World Series championship? Absolutely!!  But for a LOOGY and a utilityman?! Are you kidding me?!

Caratini was my favorite prospect in the Braves system entering 2014.  I saw him as the eventual replacement for Chris Johnson at third base.  After watching him for a few games there last season, it was clear that while his footwork was raw, he had the tools for the hot corner in spades – the instincts, quick twitch, arm, and ruggedly handsome good looks that Braves fans had become accustomed to their third sackers having!  Now he’ll be wooing the hearts of Cubs fans in a few years rather than the Southern belles he was supposed to be wooing.

I get it, the price was good for the Braves, but Frank made my list today…and you don’t want to be on that list!

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