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My Desert Island Baseball Movies, What Are Yours?

In the second season of the famous american version of The Office, a fire in the kitchen pushes the group outside in the parking lot as they wait for help to arrive.  While waiting for the all clear from the firemen, Jim and the group play a few games to pass the time.

One of the games that they play is Desert Island Movies…three movies that you want to have in your possession for the rest of your life, and only those three movies.

For the Braves off-day, and because we are a baseball site, we will play this as Desert Island Baseball Movies and we want to hear your opinions.

If you’ve never played, these aren’t necessarily your top three baseball movies but three movies that you would have to watch for the rest of your life, unable to swap, share or trade.  Three baseball movies, go…

My Three Desert Island Movies

Major League - Major League is one of my favorite movies of all-time.  Every time it’s on, I watch it.  The mix of humor, sports action and suspense draws me in like I’ve never seen the movie before.

The Sandlot – This movie reminds me of my childhood.  Growing up watching this movie and playing ball trying to emulate Benny Rodriguez on the field is a great memory for me.  I could watch this movie non-stop and would love to include it into my list of Desert Island Baseball Movies.

Field Of Dreams - One of Kevin Costner’s greatest performances and one of my favorite movies.  Hopefully they have tissues on the island that I’ll be going to because this inspiring film is a tear jerker.

Lets hear from you…add your movies to the comment section below!

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