Aug 20, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Atlanta Braves left fielder Justin Upton (left) commits a two base error in front of center fielder B.J. Upton (right) against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the ninth inning at PNC Park. The Pirates won 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Should Atlanta Braves B.J. Upton Be Benched After Last Night?

For this post, let’s not harp on B.J. Upton’s bat…

Growing up, I always played centerfield.  I was preached to always, no matter what, get to the ball.  The position of the centerfielder is to be the captain of the outfield…hustle after every ball, get to every ball, and make every play you can.  Your responsibilities are to call off anyone you need to so you can do your job.

In the 8th inning on Wednesday nights game, B.J. did the unthinkable.  A ball that was “perfectly placed” (I beg to differ) somehow fell to the ground in the outfield.  Justin Upton was able to get a glove on the ball but wasn’t able to come up with the catch.

Justin was recorded with the E7.  Should we blame him though?

Watch the video below of the play.  You can see what appears to be a hand going up by B.J. signaling he can get to the ball.  A hand going up doesn’t always cut it as I’m sure Justin didn’t see this.  A loud yell calling for the ball would do the trick.


Upton Brothers Fail


Both Upton’s failed to catch that ball but it was definitely one that should of been caught….and in my opinion, it should of been B.J.’s ball no question asked.  He has the speed to cover that ground, no reason for him not to catch that one.

“I’m used to playing with a guy like Andruw Jones here in Atlanta,” Brian Jordan said after the game.  Balls like that, I just say Andruw has it, the centerfielder will cover that ground.  You have to know how much ground each other can cover out there.”

“B.J. was playing Starling Marte perfectly, that’s what the scouting report says to play him opposite field.  So we both go after the ball, it was just perfectly placed right between us.”

When asked if anyone called the ball…

“At that point, it was to late to call for the ball, I had the play, I jumped to make that play.”

I don’t agree with these comments.  Priority is always in the centerfielder’s hands.  B.J. should of made this play and for that, I believe Fredi should sit him.

Do I think that will happen?  Probably not….

“Everything is the centerfielders ball,” Jordan wrapped up with.

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