Atlanta Braves Fredi Gonzalez Deserves Another Year?!?

Much of the speculation after the second half of the 2014 season has been – who will the Atlanta Braves fire after the year is over?

Well, it started with General Manager Frank Wren last week prior to the end of the year.  Now, many fans are calling for more heads.  In particular Manager Fredi Gonzalez and hitting coach Greg Walker.

Well…Intern GM, John Hart, has informed Jim Bowden of ESPN that he believes Fredi deserves another season as the Braves Manager.


Is this the final decision?  Will we see Fredi back in the dugout in 2015 with the Braves?

Not so fast…as of now, the Braves are looking for a replacement at the GM position.  Yes, Hart is the Intern GM and has rumored to have been offered the GM position but he’s not yet the decision maker for the Braves.

The Braves have said that it’s up to the new GM if he’d like to continue to move forward with Gonzalez or if he’d like to start fresh with a Manager of his choice.

Now that we are at the 162nd game of the season, it’s time to start looking for answers.

The Braves currently have a 78-83 record heading into the final game of the season.  Was Fredi given this roster by a frantic signing GM?  Maybe…so this offseason the Braves will look to put a lineup on the field in 2015 that they think will be productive.

This is a sign that Hart would like to keep Fredi but this is not a 100% final decision.