Atlanta Braves Are Holding a Fan Vote; This Time, It's For the All-Turner Field Team

The Atlanta Braves want your help. You can now vote for the All-Turner Field Team at the Braves website.

All-Turner Field Team

So it was only a matter of time before the Atlanta Braves PR and marketing teams put this together. A who's who of former (and some current) Braves to have had played in Turner Field.

Obviously, it's the final season for "The Ted". We've all had special memories, favorite plays, and favorite players.

Of course, the Braves want your help to determine the best (or favorite) at each position. You get to pick five pitchers.

Much like last season, the 50th in Atlanta, the all-time great moments were voted upon. However, unlike last time, this isn't a bracket style vote.

You're presented with 4-6 choices, depending on the position. You only get two choices for 3B and CF ... can't imagine why you'd need that many anyway. You get three choices for 2B and LF.

Some of these choices are no-brainers. Others, however, aren't that easy either. You can only vote on the Braves site, here, but I'll give you a run down of your choices, then you can decide if you want to let your voice be heard.

So, now you know the choices. Now, you can go vote with a little head start. It takes about 5 minutes to vote, 4 of those minutes spent filling out the obligatory "give us your name and email" form at the end.

Happy Voting!