Atlanta Braves 2018/2019 top 125 prospects: 101-125

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Atlanta Braves

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 20: Ozzie Albies #1 (L) and Ronald Acuna, Jr. #13 of the Atlanta Braves battle for a bag of popcorn during the bottom of the eighth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at SunTrust Park on September 20, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Braves put together an amazing 2018 season, but there is still plenty in the farm system. This is the top 125 prospects in a very deep, loaded system!

In October of 2015, I put together my first Atlanta Braves top 100 prospect list. At the time, it was an incredibly challenging undertaking to get the information required to put together a list that deep, even with the Atlanta Braves farm system on its way up already.

By that January, the Atlanta Braves had made even more trades, including trading away shortstop Andrelton Simmons and pitcher Shelby Miller for a plethora of prospects. That required an update to my top 100 list, including a new #1 overall prospect. That prompted what would become tradition – a longer, profiled top 100 list in the fall and an update before the season to take into account all the new prospects acquired over the offseason.

This offseason may be the first that does not require an update due to an influx of prospects, but perhaps due to trades that send away prospects, and that’s a fun place to be at as an Atlanta Braves fan.

As I began reaching out this offseason, I was flooded with the depth of talent still in the system, and getting to the back end of the list, it was difficult to cut off the list at 100, so I didn’t. This year, you will get 125 prospects in the Atlanta Braves system, not 100!

We will cover the top 125 throughout this week with the following schedule:

Monday – 101-125
Tuesday – 76-100
Wednesday – 51-75
Thursday – 26-50
Friday – 1-25

I welcome your comments on each prospect as I fully admit that on some prospects (especially Dominican Summer League ones), I’ve not had a chance to do video review yet. I trust my contacts that I’ve made over the years for their information, so I will go with it, but I’m more than willing to discuss when I’m wrong. Heck, that first year’s list (before the update in January) had Hector Olivera #2 and Manny Banuelos #3, above lots of guys that should have been much higher.

Of course, that list also had William Contreras at #29 before updates, and no one had mentioned his name before that, which is why I do trust the folks I talk with in Latin America for their eye!!

As always, this list is mine, not Tomahawk Take’s or FanSided’s view on a player. My rankings are my own personal view on the system for team building purposes, not for fantasy baseball, not purely for trade purposes, nothing like that, simply how I feel these players would fit into the Atlanta Braves long-term based on their current skills and talents. I tend to give weight to a player who has performed in the upper minors, and I’ll gladly admit bias to a guy that I’ve seen a number of times in video reviews. All that said, I hope you enjoy!

Let’s get started with today’s portion of the list!

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