The Atlanta Braves need to secure a pitching coach soon

As multiple top coaches are being given new contracts, the Atlanta Braves need to step up to get their next man in charge quickly or possibly miss out.

While the Minnesota Twins created a new pitching coach opening this week, the Cincinnati Reds signed one of the better ones who may have been available. The Atlanta Braves should act quickly before another top guy gets picked up and they miss out.

As the Tampa Bay Rays saw multiple coaches get manager jobs last week, one team saw two of their top managerial choices slip away. Now, the Texas Rangers are spinning quickly to figure out their head man.

The Atlanta Braves could be in a similar spot if they sit back in their pursuit of their next pitching coach.

Two names not mentioned on these pages yet have been getting a lot of talk around the league and would be wise for the Atlanta Braves to jump on if they think they have any interest. One is internal, the other could be one of the hottest names around right now.

We’ll start internally. The Atlanta Braves hired Marty Reed away from the Los Angeles Dodgers before the 2009 season. Reed had been instrumental in the tutelage of a certain young lefty who would go on to become the best pitcher in the entire league.

Reed spent two seasons as the Mississippi pitching coach before moving up to Gwinnett to be the lead man directing arms for Brian Snitker. He spent five seasons with Gwinnett before following Reed up to the big leagues, where he’s served as the bullpen coach since May of 2016.

The outside name is a big one right now as the Tampa Bay Rays are seeing their coaching staff get hired away all over the league, and with rumors already that one of their previous coaches could be after him for their team, the Braves should be after Kyle Snyder. Snyder has only been the pitching coach for one season with Tampa Bay, but he made an incredible impression around the league.

Snyder worked as the youngest pitching coach in the majors in 2018 by 6 years at 40 years old. He has coached in the Rays organization since 2012, including 3 years in AAA, where he worked with some incredibly talented arms in the Rays system.

Either guy could be a great choice, as could guys mentioned in the piece that Fred mentioned in his piece or the one I mentioned earlier. No matter who they choose, it’s a smart idea to get the guy they want quickly.