Atlanta Braves Morning Chop: Odds suggest Braves will struggle to win in 2019

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By this time of the year, most teams are supposed have their teams put together, so Las Vegas is weighing in on their outlook for 2019.

By the reckoning of, the over/under point for Atlanta Braves wins in 2019 is set at 84.5.  As of right now, it appears that the money is falling evenly around that number – bettors seem to believe that’s a good number.

What’s more instructive, though, are the estimates for the other NL East teams, and the National League in general.

Here’s that list from OddsShark:

  • Nationals:  87.5
  • Phillies:  84.5
  • Mets:  84.5
  • Marlins:  65.5

So in total, they believe that the Nationals will win the division in a dogfight with 2nd-through-4th places coming down to a dead heat.

Barring other changes still to come, that could happen.

Around the league, the best NL club is expected to be the Dodgers – at 94.5 wins.  That is probably a factor of their own division’s state as much as anything else.  Still, cruising into the post-season  from this far away is not a bad route to go.

The only hiccup the Dodgers may face, in fact, is that the AL East is on their inter-league schedule for this season.

The Junior Circuit

Not surprisingly, the Yankees and Red Sox are sitting at an expected win level of 95.5 games, but OddsShark shows the Astros besting both at 96.5 wins.

This would be a drop of 12-13 games from 2018 for the Red Sox, but the most eye-opening thing is this notion that the Astros would have the better record despite still missing a significant part of their rotation.

Let’s go around the NL East, though, and see where things stand.

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