Tracking all the Atlanta Braves prospect lists

Have you wanted to be able to track how all the various Atlanta Braves prospect lists rank Braves prospects? Do we have a deal for you?!

Each year dozens of websites have an Atlanta Braves top prospects list and/or a top prospects overall list that includes multiple Braves prospects. Rather than having to track all of them down to compare, we’ve put them all into one location.

The Atlanta Braves so far have seen 33 players who have been mentioned in the top 25 of various sites’ team lists. Some don’t go to 25, some go well beyond 25, so 25 was the limit set just for easier tracking. Then each list was assigned a points system in reverse order of its amount of players ranked.

To explain, a 25th ranked player on a list of 50 Braves prospects ranked would get one point while the top-ranked player would get 25 points. With a smaller list, like 15, the 15th ranked prospect would get 1 point and the top-ranked prospect would get 15 points.

For the top-100 lists, some of the lists go well beyond 100, so we just look at the players who are in the top 100 of those lists. We then count the number of lists each player has appeared on and average the ranking on each list for each player.

The link to the Google Sheets page is right here.

This spreadsheet will be updated as new lists come out as multiple lists are still to come. Once they all come out, you can see how the average ranking of all the prospects of the Atlanta Braves plays out this season.

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While I was intending to put together one of these spreadsheets for every team, finding the local lists the way the Braves have could be a challenge! If you do know of any other Atlanta Braves team lists, feel free to let me know, and I’ll get them in!