Atlanta Braves Mock Draft Review: ESPN's Prediction

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Another mock draft has been released and as we inch closer and closer to the big day — the predictions are beginning to become more alike as to who the Braves may be interested in.

As Alan wrote a couple weeks ago and myself a couple weeks before that, the predictions are coming out almost on a weekly basis regarding the 2019 MLB Draft, that takes place in June (26 days from now to be exact as of Tuesday, May 7). The Atlanta Braves organization has numerous options to choose from.

There are numerous sites doing their best to predict the future and to correctly lay out what is historically an unpredictable event. Many writers and reporters that are in the "know" may have a relatively solid understanding as to who may go where, but of course, only on Draft Day will we know for sure.

On Monday (May 6), ESPN's Keith Law — the site's prospect and draft expert — released his first version of his 2019 MLB Mock Draft (subscription required).  Like all mock drafts, the writer lists his predictions and usually provides a paragraph or two detailing his opinion.

I hope by now it's well-known that the Braves will pick twice in the first round of the Draft (picks 9 and 21). This is super exciting, especially after what happened in last year's draft.

Just like Fangraphs' recently released 2019 Mock Draft, Law predicts Arizona State outfielder, Hunter Bishop, to be the first selection by the Braves — the 9th-overall pick.

He also mentioned a player by the name of Corbin Carroll in his Pick #9 excerpt. Carroll is a high school outfielder, residing in Seattle, WA.

Here's what Law had to say in his Pick #9 passage regarding Bishop and Carroll:

Atlanta has been all over Bishop, who has exploded as a junior after two underwhelming years for the Sun Devils. The Braves are also linked to Carroll. I do hear that teams are concerned that Bishop has been striking out more and homering less as the Pac-12 season has progressed.

He names Carroll as his choice for the Texas Rangers first-round pick (pick #8). So what Law is saying, in a roundabout way, is that the Braves really like Bishop, but if Carroll is still available, the Braves could go with him instead... or vice-versa.

For Law's #21 pick — the Braves second selection in the opening round — he names another high school phenom, right-handed pitcher Brennan Malone:

If the Braves land a college bat at pick No. 9, they could be more free to take their preferred profile of a high school power arm at their regular pick here.

Law is making some sense here. The class this year is a bit more heavy with hitters than previous years in terms of available talent towards the front end.  Baseball America said as much today:

If the Braves do indeed go with a position-player for their first pick, I'm sure they will be more inclined to go with a pitcher next, since available top-tier pitching is rather tenuous this year.

Now since Hunter Bishop has already been covered on this site, there's no need to focus on him again, as Alan did a wonderful job of briefing us all on him as a potential player chosen by the Braves.

I want to focus on those other two names: Corbin Carroll and Brennan Malone. Those two haven't been talked about around these parts.

So let's dive in!


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