Atlanta Braves: why Andruw Jones is not a Hall of Famer

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ST. LOUIS – JULY 6: Jim Edmonds #15 of the St. Louis Cardinals robs Adam Dunn #44 of the Cincinnati Reds of a home run in the second inning July 6, 2004 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Jim Edmonds

A Braves fan will have a different perspective than what the national perception is of a player. We knew Andruw was a beast in center field and a very solid to (sometimes) great hitter in the middle of the lineup, but the rest of the country had a different view.

Andruw was merely an excellent player on a great team. When you said Atlanta Braves, most people would think about the pitching and about Chipper Jones before they could make their way to Andruw.

Now, let me ask you about Jim Edmonds. When you think Jim Edmonds, do you think Hall of Fame?

I don’t. Jim Edmonds and Andruw Jones played in the same era and were both known for incredible defense with a nice bat.

Both guys were near the 400 homer mark, but Jim Edmonds was a better hitter. Here are how their careers compared:

Years Played

  • Andruw Jones      17
  • Jim Edmonds        17

Batting Lines

  • Andruw Jones      .254/.337./.486
  • Jim Edmonds        .284/.376/.527


  • Andruw Jones       62.8
  • Jim Edmonds         60.4

Gold Gloves

  • Andruw Jones      10
  • Jim Edmonds         8

All-Star Selections

  • Andruw Jones       5
  • Jim Edmonds         4

Edmonds was a premier defender of his generation and a better hitter. He was still a very productive player into his mid-thirties. Edmonds’s age 31-35 WARS are as follows: 5.9,  6.7, 6.0, 7.2, 4.4.

Injuries derailed Edmonds’s Hall of Fame case. In Andruw’s case, he just became a terrible player at 31.

Neither one of these players are Hall of Fame worthy, so let me ask you this: Which one was the better player? Try and be objective and answer in the comments.

Forever on his way

After his first several years in the league, people had no issue saying he was on his way to the Hall of Fame. The problem? He was forever on his way – never arriving.

I know you are passionate about the Braves and this might even infuriate some of you. Let me know why you think I’m right, or why you think I’m wrong in the comments. Remember, we are all brothers and sisters in our love for the Braves.

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