Braves Thanksgiving special: 3 reasons to be thankful

On this Thanksgiving 2019, we look at just a few reasons why Atlanta Braves fans should be thankful about their favorite team.

First of all, we here at Tomahawk Take wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. The Atlanta Braves family is a special one and we're happy to be part of the fun.

I won't keep you long as I know you all want to get back to the food and football, but I wanted to share the top three reasons why I'm thankful to be an Atlanta Braves fan right now.


3. Ronald Acuna Jr. 

As someone who has been an old school fan for a while, Ronald Acuna Jr. has helped me turn the corner a bit. I still wish he would focus on finishing a play before celebrating, but there isn't anything more joyful than seeing him play the game of baseball.

From a great throw in the outfield (hopefully from right field in 2020 where he belongs) to a moon shot home run to stealing a bag, Acuna does everything with such ease and emotion that it makes the game fun to watch.


2. The Fanbase

I'm proud to say that we here at Tomahawk Take have built the top MLB site on FanSided, and that's a credit to the fanbase.

Braves fans are eager to learn more about their team and players. And if we step out of line, you are right there to point it out to us. The conversations we have in the comments and on Twitter are a lot of fun.

I love how invested the Braves fanbase has become, and we're so thankful for all of the support you have shown us.


1. The Future is Bright

I'll be the first to tell you 2019 was a disappointing season ... but that's a good thing. We can no longer be satisfied with winning a division, we want World Series appearances and championships.

And with the young core that we have, those things are certainly in our future. Ownership and the front office seems hungrier than ever to build a winner in Atlanta.

I can't wait to see what they do the rest of this offseason, and I'm thankful for the leadership we have and the plan they've put in place to make the Braves a championship team.

Next: Who's next?

Again, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy time with friends and family. Tell us in the comments below why you are thankful to be a Braves fan this Thanksgiving!