Atlanta Braves: Josh Donaldson holding out for $110 million

As the Atlanta Braves continue to wait on Josh Donaldson to make a decision, a new report is saying the third baseman wants $110 million.

It feels like we are inching closer to a Josh Donaldson signing and the Atlanta Braves appear to be the leader, but they may have to push the envelope a little further.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (subscription required) reported on Friday that Donaldson is holding out for $110 million.

He also says that Donaldson is mulling over four-year options from the Braves, Washington Nationals, and Minnesota Twins and that he’s just waiting on one of them to hit that number.

This is a little disheartening to me as a Braves fan because I had it in my mind all along that Atlanta was where he preferred to play and as long as Atlanta’s offer was similar to the others he would take that deal.

And it’s my fault for having those expectations/assumptions. This is Donaldson’s life and his last shot at a big contract, he should be trying to get every dollar he can.

A four-year, $100 million deal could see him make $27.5 million a year, which seems pretty reasonable considering the market value this offseason. And if that’s ultimately what it takes, I think the Braves will give it to him.

Personally, I would feel very uncomfortable giving a guy in his mid-thirties that kind of money and years.

But the Braves are in a situation where not only do they have to have a bat like Donaldson’s in the lineup, they also want to keep him from their main competition in the division.

Whichever team Donaldson chooses likely swings the fate of the NL East — unless of course he chooses the Twins or a mystery team enters the race.

There was also a rumor going around Friday that the Braves have a 4-year, $104 million offer on the table. The source is unverified so we can’t really trust it, but if it is true then Atlanta isn’t far off.

Either way, it sounds like we know what Donaldson wants, we know where the teams are, now we just need Donaldson to make a decision. And I believe that decision could be coming in the next couple of days.