TomahawkTake podcast episode 5 - How to improve these 2020 Atlanta Braves

The latest TomahawkTake podcast discusses Josh Donaldson – again – and the concept of the ‘untouchables’ for the Atlanta Braves.

For quite a while, this was expected to be the ‘lost’ podcast… we did the recording on January 2nd and then almost immediately regretted it as we started hearings rumblings and chatter that the Atlanta Braves would have Donaldson signed by the next Monday or Tuesday.

Yeah. About that… those days have come and gone.

So after a delay… we opted to go ahead and run with Episode 5 of the podcast. Among other things, we talk about our expectations for 2020 and the extent that we – as fans – want to see the organization ‘go for it’.

This dovetails from the myriad of ideas we’ve all proffered this offseason for bolstering this roster, but the trouble is that almost all of these begin with “we need to re-sign Josh Donaldson”.

Unfortunately, there’s this ugly truth that he might not agree… and then things get complicated for Atlanta on multiple levels – namely in terms of prospects and money.

So with a quick introduction to explain what in the world is going on, Jake, Alan, and Fred launch into just over 35 minutes of discussion that includes the fact that we really don’t have any idea how to pronounce Shea Langeliers’ surname.

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So let us know how you think we’re doing… and maybe your thoughts about our ideas on how this team gains over last year: is it strictly that the Front Office is expecting internal improvement or should they truly be getting ‘greedy’ and going for Donaldson-’plus’?

We’ll try another one of these later this week… and hopefully have it posted by the weekend.   Maybe prospects might be on the docket??

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