Podcast 6: TomahawkTake's early 2020 top 30 Atlanta Braves prospects

It's that time of the year when we look at our prospects, and this is the perfect way to more fully explain the 'why' and 'how' about how we rank these future Atlanta Braves.

TomahawkTake Podcast Episode 6 brings us a detailed look at Clint Manry's Top 30 Atlanta Braves prospects for early 2020.

Admittedly, we couldn't ignore the Josh Donaldson saga completely, but that discussion was limited to a short first segment before launching into the prospects talk.

This dovetails with the posts Clint provided to us early this week:

Our rankings are not going to necessarily be 'conventional' - Clint takes a bit of a different approach that looks toward a player's upside, but also with a healthy bit of wariness as we await the kind of production that would normally be expected for a top-ranked player.

But it's exactly that kind of debate, discussion, and defense that is what we go through in detail today in this episode.

In case you're curious, we did skip the topic of yesterday's arbitration decisions, and that was done for a very simple reason:  it happened after this recording was made!  For that info, Fred had a nice breakdown of that news this morning.

All of our work on the minor leagues and prospects can be followed using the Minors and Prospects tabs available on the front page menu (at top left) at tomahawktake.com.


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Next: Wilson/Wright: the work still to do

Thanks for listening... we hope to have a good talk about the fallout from a Josh Donaldson signing in next week's episode... if that happens and regardless of where he opt to take his talents.