Where do Atlanta Braves turn to now with Josh Donaldson officially gone?

It's over. The long-awaited Josh Donaldson free agency run  has come to a close and the Atlanta Braves were not the victor.

It's fitting the deal comes on a night that rain left much of Atlanta Braves country earlier in the day. I'm not happy about it, and most won't be. Especially considering the terms of the deal.

We will have plenty of conversations about Josh Donaldson and what this means for the Atlanta Braves, but for now, let's look and examine how the Atlanta Braves can spend their remaining funds (if they truly have some).

While many thought that the new name of the former Suntrust Park would be the biggest news for the Braves on Tuesday, they were proved wrong as Donaldson left for Minnesota tonight.

The Atlanta Braves might be wise to go get another starting pitcher now and maybe an outfielder. All of a sudden a power bat has become the biggest need for this team. As we have recapped already, that does not have to necessarily be a third baseman.

Perhaps we go out now and trade for Starling Marte and sign another player or two? Maybe we go with a cheap route and trade for Baltimore's Trey Mancini?

Of course, the Atlanta Braves could always jump back into the free agent market and kick the tires on players we have been connected to in the past.

Players like Marcell Ozuna or Nicholas Castellanos, but I would be surprised if that were to be the case.

They figure to make just a few million less AAV than the contract we just lost Josh Donaldson out on too.

It seems as if the trade market is the best and smartest route for the Braves to go down.

Hopefully the Kris Bryant grievance that he will lose will be resolved in short manner and his market can really take shape, or maybe we throw a hail mary and go for the best player of the whole bunch and go for Nolan Arenado?

Just a quick little note to finish this, the player that might end up being the most affected by this trade might be Adam Duvall.

So we can all stew about this. Lord knows I am, as Donaldson was our easiest target to get and make a difference.

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To me, this means one of two things though, either the Atlanta Braves have no money left or they have something massive in the making. You do not make this move without a good plan B. Let's hope it works out.