TomahawkTake podcast 9: cheating; readying for an Atlanta Braves Spring

The TomahawkTake podcast covers a wide range of Atlanta Braves topics, but also includes some impassioned opinions about the Astros cheating scandal.

True, the Atlanta Braves weren't involved in the sign-stealing escapades that the 2017-18 Astros are wrapped in, but there was definitely one long-time Brave who was.

We haven't really addressed this topic much since news of the MLB punishments broke, but this time... we did, and that dovetailed into a discussion about Brian McCann and how he should be viewed in the wake of this.

Scope of the Cheating

We reference this in the podcast, but here are a couple - of numerous - tweets on Tony Adams' timeline that address the scope of the Astros' efforts.

The regrettable thing from our perspective - other than the cheating itself - is that we now have direct evidence that ties specific players (including McCann) to their respective levels of actual active participation in the scheme involving the trash cans.

Adams did a remarkable job of observing, listening, and recording the data.  It is at the same time both very telling and very damning.  Even now - a couple of days after the recording was made - it's still disturbing to write about this subject.


Beyond that

We also continue to talk about the state of third base with the Atlanta Braves, the viability of trade options, and a couple of specific questions that were passed to us.  Most of this discussion came down to pitching... I'm 'nervous' about it, Fred is more confident, and Jake seems to be leaning toward Fed's position.

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