Early reviews on Atlanta Braves new park are coming in

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NORTH PORT, FL: A general exterior view of CoolToday Park prior to an Atlanta Braves Spring Training game on February 23, 2020 in North Port, Florida. . (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Last year saw the ‘soft open’ of Cool Today Park. Now it’s ready to rock with a full slate of Spring games for the Atlanta Braves. So how’s it going?

Most of the news coverage for the Atlanta Braves new Spring home has actually been rather fawning, while only giving a passing mention to a few (unspecified) ‘glitches’ as being normal for a new facility.

While that latter note is almost universally true, we thought it might be worthwhile to seek out some ‘user reviews’ that are starting to come in about the place and how fans may be responding.

As for the players… they appear to love the space, the facilities, the amenities, and the entire atmosphere.

That, plus the reduced travel time to… anywhere else they need to be… is the review that’s most important for the team, but at the same time, the Braves certainly want to have a place that is welcoming to fans.

This is particularly true since the Florida Fire Frogs have unexpectedly been dropped in as a tenant for the 2020 season, and it would be nice to see some consistent turnout from the fans.

Let’s see what some of these folks have to say… though it’s noteworthy that people who write such reviews do so much more often to express complaints, so keep that in mind.

Yelp Reviews

These reviews come from the Yelp site.

This one, dated from February 22nd, came from a Courtney K. who hails from Annapolis, MD. It is quite detailed with Pros and Cons. Among them…

  •  She liked the work done to make the entrance attractive
  •  “Modern and [sleek] exterior… new and snazzy”
  •  Fans can walk all the way around the field and check out every angle… including the bullpens
  •  Huge scoreboard for a Spring park.
    •  A separate reviewer noted that the scoreboard was indeed useful/helpful… when it didn’t freeze up.
  • Compliments for the restroom facilities: big, with no waits. Also ‘family’ restrooms.
  • Compliments to the staff for being friendly.
  • Lots of shade over the seats, despite the 1pm start time.
    • A separate reviewer suggested avoiding section 105 for sun reasons… 106 and up? Those were okay.

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