TomahawkTake podcast episode 12: Atlanta Braves starting out well this Spring

Memo to self... and to the Atlanta Braves... if you're having to take painkillers for multiple years, there's probably something that needs to be fixed.

We are now a full week into Grapefruit League games, and the Atlanta Braves are doing well so far.

That has nothing to do with their 2-5-1 record, but it's a lot more about the fact that the major league players are getting their work in, the pitchers are throwing well and staying on the mound, and there are few hiccups to the progress.

Still, there are some interesting news bits to discuss at length, and that's the purpose behind this week's podcast:

  • SEGMENT 1: The things we're happy to be seeing in this first week... mostly about the players, but it's also hard to avoid talking about Felix Hernandez.
  • SEGMENT 2: Freddie Freeman... this is a "come'on, man!" session in which we plead with the guy to recognize when he has an injury and be willing to let it heal.  Oh, and then there's the roster.
  • SEGMENT 3:  "It's revenuing all over the place!"  Liberty Media and The Battery are making money!  But is this just a flash in the plan... or is it all part of the plan?
  • SEGMENT 4:  Alex Anthopoulos may have slipped up this week during an interview with Mad Dog Chris Russo... this might be interesting as we continue to watch a certain position on the field.

So here's that podcast ... with a helpful download link here if you'd prefer to do this more privately. You can also find us on facebook, iTunes, and Spreaker.


The Schedule

  • SATURDAY: at Port Charlotte to visit the Rays:  6:05pm.
  • SUNDAY:  slightly further down the coast to see the Red Sox.
  • MONDAY: the Phillies come to North Port.  That's also an evening affair:  6:05pm
  • TUESDAY:  Tampa Bay returns the favor... a North Port contest.
  • WEDNESDAY:  at the Pirates.
  • FRIDAY:    hosting Boston.  ESPN game - 1pm
  • Except as noted, all games are at 1:05pm eastern.
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Enjoy the games... and the podcast!