Some pitchers the Atlanta Braves could acquire in season

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CLEVELAND, OH – APRIL 20: Starting pitcher Corey Kluber – now a Ranger. (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)

Whenever the 2020 trade deadline will take place, the Atlanta Braves will assuredly be “buyers”

On top of that, the Atlanta Braves will most likely be looking for more arms to stack up in the rotation and most likely someone who could be trusted to start a potential playoff game whenever that may be this year.

It stood to reason that the Atlanta Braves looked to upgrade in the starting pitching department over the Winter, and they did when they signed Cole Hamels to a 1 year deal to cover the 2020 season, but still a case could be made for the Braves to look for a potential game 1 or game 2 starter.

Obviously some will look and point to the surplus of young pitching the Braves currently have in the minor league system, and while they would be correct, those pitchers cannot be relied upon come a do or die game in the playoffs.

I do believe Mike Soroka will eventually become the number one of the Braves staff (truthfully he already is), but a team with world series aspirations can not rely upon a 22-year-old to get you there even with the veterans that would follow him in the rotation.

With everything going on in baseball, and more importantly the world, it is tough to really pinpoint the exact details of how this will come about, but for this list, I have included both players who are in the final year of their deal and a couple who would come with team control.

I’ve also tried to pinpoint players who will be on teams that will most likely not be competing for a playoff spot and a player or two whose team could very well be looking to shed some salary come the trade deadline.

With that being said, let’s get started and take a look at some possible names to look for.

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