Coronavirus Financial Impact on Atlanta Braves and Players

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1996 Patrick Stewart stars in the Braves new movie “Star Trek: First Contact”.

We take a look at the potential financial impact of the hiatus on the Atlanta Braves and some of their players.

Over halfway through April and we still haven’t watched the Atlanta Braves play a game. It’s like a nightmare. No, it’s worse than a nightmare. In fact, I’d rather be in a nightmare right now.

I had a nightmare last night where I was being chased by a tornado and it was destroying everything behind us. We (me and the stranger I was with) jumped into a trench and found our way to underground shelter (must have been some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario) and just when we thought we were safe, Captain Picard came out of the shadows in his full Borg garb and began reading sonnets with his mechanical voice…I woke up in a cold sweat and immediately wanted to go back.

The total financial impact of this crisis won’t be certain until after things get back to normal, or whatever that may look like in the future. A recent article in Forbes cited a report by John Tinker of G.research LLC. in which the Braves begin playing baseball on July 4 and come out with an operating loss of about $59 million. It’s an interesting article and I suggest you give it a read.

Essentially, Tinker’s estimates were that even if the Braves played 80 regular-season games or approximately half of a full schedule, attendance would be reduced 76% from the previous season, causing a 73% decrease in gate and concession sales, with total revenue dropping from $438 million in 2019 to $174 million in 2020. Again, this is based on a hypothetical July 4 start.

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