Atlanta Braves making good use of unused food supplies

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The Atlanta Braves buy a lot of food. They are giving away a lot now, too. (Photo by Pouya Dianat/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)

When you plan for a six month baseball season, you have to do things big.  The Atlanta Braves are turning some of that planning into something big for those in need.

How many baseballs do the Atlanta Braves need for a major league season?  How many boxes of sunflower seeds?  Bubble gum?  Bases?  Chalk for the lines?

Better yet, how much food do you need to make sure 2.5+ million people can get fed over the course of a season?

Now though ... what do you do with everything you bought in anticipation of a season starting (at home) in April that isn't happening?  It would be a real shame to see that spoiled.

It seems that the Atlanta Braves organization thought so, too, and they decided to do something about it:

Those aren't just the words ... here's the "action" part already in progress:

We spend a lot of time fretting over how much this team's payroll is, or how they should acquire players and the like, but stories like this often fall between the cracks - for the Braves (and a lot of other MLB clubs) really do operate as community benefactors in a number of different ways throughout the season.

This year and this month, that's especially important.  Don't overlook that the team is operating at a severe loss right now.  Despite that, they have committed to paying their staff through the end of May - and they were the first team to make such a declaration.

So now this food distribution effort is happening on top of that - with no games, no fans in the stadium, and even Battery Atlanta running with scant patrons.

So for as much criticism as Liberty Media Corporation has to endure at times, recognize this at times like these:  the Atlanta Braves are good for Atlanta, good for Cobb County, and good for the fans.

Here's hoping we can get baseball back soon so that we can thank them with a few more tickets.

Next: Finally - a new international prospect?

In the meantime: that's a job well done by this organization - it's a time to be proud of this franchise once again. Oh - and roughly 10 dozen baseballs are readied for each home game!