Could Atlanta Braves Begin Baseball Activities Soon

With states starting to open back up, we look at whether or not we could see some Atlanta Braves players begin baseball activities soon.

While the MLB and its players continue to negotiate a proposal for the 2020 season, the country is starting to open things back up. And this means we could soon see Atlanta Braves players get back to baseball activities.

It may not seem like much, but I’ll take anything baseball-related at this point.

Bob Nightengale is reporting that Arizona Diamondbacks players could be returning to Chase Field for workouts.

Jon Heyman reported that the Mets and Yankees are already planning to go back to Florida for spring training 2.0 once the players and owners agree to a deal.

New York, along with California and a couple of other states, are still struggling with opening things back up due to the outbreak in those heavily populated areas.

And the Marlins have already been back at it working out in Jupiter, Fla. (They need all the practice they can get … sorry, not sorry)

Even in my state (Alabama) sports activities are picking up. My nephew will be playing a baseball tournament and a couple of weeks and they’ve already started practicing again.

There is obviously still a lot to work out between MLB and the MLBPA. This is going to be a long, drawn-out ordeal, but I still feel confident that we’ll get some sort of baseball in 2020.

While health should be the big topic, and has been for the most part, in the end it’s all about money. And if there are no games this year, then everybody (players and owners) lose.

That’s why I feel pretty confident we’ll get baseball, and I trust that MLB will do the best they can to keep players, their families, and eventually fans safe.

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So while we continue to wait on an agreement for a restart, it’s exciting to hear about players on the field again. Hopefully we hear something soon about Braves players getting back on the field.