Atlanta Braves News: Big Week for Getting Baseball Back in 2020

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA - MARCH 01: Ronald Acuna Jr. #13 of the Atlanta Braves walks to the field prior to a Grapefruit League spring training game against the Boston Red Sox at JetBlue Park at Fenway South on March 01, 2020 in Fort Myers, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

If we are going to get Atlanta Braves baseball back in 2020, then this is the week something really needs to get done between MLB and the players.

I've been pretty optimistic this entire time that we'd get to see the Atlanta Braves play again in 2020, and after some news on Sunday, I'm more convinced than ever that it will happen.

On Sunday Jeff Passan and others reported that the MLBPA had sent a proposal to the owners for getting baseball back in 2020.

I'm not sure if this means the MLBPA just completely ignored the proposal that the owners sent, which is what some thought might happen, or if this is their counterproposal.

Either way, we now have another proposal on the table for the 2020 season and this time the ball is in the court of the owners to decide if we'll get baseball back soon or not.

Part of the proposal from the players calls for a 114-game season, which is awesome, but it also means these negotiations need to speed up.

The players are wanting a three-week spring training and games to start on June 30, so something really has to get done this week for that to happen.

A tweet from Evan Drellilch says the proposal calls for two years of expanded players, which essentially means get ready for expanded playoffs to become a thing. because two years puts us at the collective bargaining agreement and if the players are already wanting expanded playoffs you know the money-hungry owners will be all for more playoff games.

It sounds like there would be seven teams from each league make the playoffs with the top seed from each league getting a bye.

I personally think byes in baseball are a bad thing as baseball players are so routine and used to playing every day. If that's the case, then that first round has to be a best-of-three. You can't have the top seed sitting idle for more than a week.

There is stuff in Passan's tweets about money, but I won't go too deep into that because it's confusing and there is still a long battle ahead there.

The bottom line is, both sides want this to happen, both sides need this to happen, we need this to happen, our country desperately needs this to happen right now, and it needs to happen quickly.

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I would expect a pretty quick response from the league and an agreement by the end of next week at the latest.