Atlanta Braves: Grades for Each Pick in 2020 MLB Draft

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Atlanta Braves Alex Anthopoulos

General manager Alex Anthopoulos of the Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

We give out our grades for each pick that the Atlanta Braves made in the 2020 MLB Draft, which only consisted of five round this year.

Normally we wouldn’t take the time to give you a grade for every pick the Atlanta Braves make in an MLB Draft. But with just five rounds and only four picks from the Braves this year, I think we can handle it.

Again, this was a very unusual draft for everyone shrinking from 40 rounds to five rounds. And with Atlanta signing a couple of free agents this past offseason with qualifying offers attached to them, they only had four picks to make.

And the gap between their first pick at 25 to their second pick at 97 was quite substantial in a short draft.

Also, I’m tired of the notion that in a baseball draft you just take the best player available. There is so much more that goes into a draft pick than simply picking the best player.

With the bonus pool allocation money teams are allowed, they have to not only choose guys they feel good about, but guys they think they can afford and still be able to sign the other players they draft.

Certainly, there was a lot of that going on in this draft as the temptation for a lot of these players to either go to college or go back to college was strong when you consider they could potentially get a better deal next year in a normal draft.

The Braves were certainly trying to play the system in this draft taking guys they believe they can sign for under slot value to try and sway a guy later in the draft to not go back to college by offering them more money.

Time will tell if that strategy pays off for the Braves or not, but let’s get into each pick and see how the front office did.

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