Atlanta Braves: How to properly enjoy the unique 2020 season

Atlanta Braves News: The season is on and it begins July 24. I’ve got some advice on how to properly enjoy the season!

The Atlanta Braves will play baseball this year! We may miss out on a full season of Ronald Acuna, but at least we get something.

My thoughts are that 37% of a Braves season is 100% better than 0%, right?

Atlanta Braves – 2020 Season Features

  • Geographical Divisions/Scheduling – Each team will play 40 intradivisional games and 20 interleague matchups against the other league’s matching geographical division. So the Braves will face off against their divisional opponents 10 times each and then play 20 more games against AL East teams.
  • 30-Man Rosters – With a large number of games in a small amount of time, the league will provide roster relief for players when they need a break. The league will expand from the 26-man active roster to 30 players. The 40-man rosters will now consist of 60 players. The rosters are due to the league office by Sunday at 3 p.m. After the first two weeks, the 30-man roster will be reduced to 28 and then to the standard 26 players after four weeks.
  • Universal DH (Just 2020) – Good news, Nick Markakis can still be an everyday player this season. What a huge upgrade over having Mike Foltynewicz hit out of the nine-hole.
  • Baserunners start in scoring position in extra-innings – According to Baseball America’s J.J. Cooper, after adding the rule to the minor leagues in 2018, 70 percent of games ended after one inning compared to 45 percent the previous season.
  • Transactions Begin Friday at Noon
  • Trade Deadline – The trade deadline will be moved to August 31, according to Jayson Stark.
  • Mysterious Unsigned Teams in Nashville – Major League Baseball has spoken with Nashville about hosting two teams of players that are unsigned. These players will be paid to stay in playing shape to serve as potential replacements in the event of injuries to the Major League clubs.

 Atlanta Braves – Fun Ways to Enjoy the Unique Season

We likely won’t be allowed to attend any games in person this year. So, how do we maximize the fan experience? You are going to need technology and you will need lots of Braves fans.

One great way is to set up a video conference to watch the games with your pals and celebrate together. If Nick Markakis hits a walk-off homer to close out Opening Day as he did in 2018, you don’t want to hear the echoes of the faint cheers of the players in the empty stadium, you want to be bombarded with speaker shattering shouting from your friends.

Don’t watch the games alone. As I noted in a previous article, there are fantastic Braves groups out there. I belong to a great Facebook group called “Tomahawk Talk,” which has over 13,000 die-hard Braves fans.

They have fostered a family-like environment, keep it clean, and even have former Braves players who participate in the group. There’s not a better gathering of Braves fans in the digital world, as far as I’m concerned. I know groups like that will play a big part in enhancing and properly enjoying the season for me.

Finally, don’t forget to stay up on the latest news and takes from the team here at Tomahawk Take. We have a pretty lively comment section of our own.

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How will you be safely enjoying your Braves’ experience in 2020?