Atlanta Braves: Surprises and Omissions from 60-man Roster for 2020 Season

We take a look at who was left off the 60-man roster and Atlanta Braves players we didn't think would be on the initial list.

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Manager Brian Snitker of the Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The releasing of the Atlanta Braves 60-man roster on Sunday was the first bit of real baseball news we've gotten in a quite a while that was team specific.

Now, what is not clear exactly is how this 60-man roster will work throughout the season.

It sounds like anyone who is removed from the 60-man roster can't be added back, which is why some players may have not been included initially.

The Braves also left a couple of open spots. There were only 56 players included on their initial list, which leaves four spots available if they decide to add an internal or external player later.

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It does sound like you can add players already in your organization to the list at any time, but again, once a player is removed they can't be added back.

What I haven't gotten a clear explanation of yet is how injuries work. For instance, Jeremy Walker was just placed on the 45 day IL but he wasn't listed on the Braves 60-man roster.

Will the Braves be able to add him later if he becomes healthy? My assumption would be yes.

But what about during the season. If a player gets sick or hurt and they're placed on the IL does that still count as a roster spot on the 60-man roster?

Hopefully, we'll get more clarity on that as we go along, and I wouldn't be surprised if the rules in general are adjusted as spring training happens in this weird season.

Let's take a look at this initial list of players and see who some surprises were and who we thought was left out that should have been added.

There honestly were a lot of surprises for the Atlanta Braves on this list as almost everyone we predicted was on the list.

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Martin Prado #14 of the Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)

However, they did bring a couple of catchers in Logan Brown and Jonathan Morales that I wasn't expecting.

Brown is just 23 years old and hasn't played above High-A yet. But he hit .272 last year in 368 at-bats, but had just 1 home run.

Morales is 25 and made his way up to Triple-A last year hitting .289 with a pair of home runs in 121 at-bats in Gwinnett.

I did think the Braves needed to add another catcher or two to my prediction list, but I thought they might go out and sign a veteran catcher with some big league experience.

That's certainly still a possibility, but it seems they're fine with the depth of catchers they have in place at the moment.

The only big surprise on the Braves' initial roster was recent first-round pick, Jared Shuster.

And I guess that shouldn't be too much of a surprise, really. The Braves are going to want to give their first-round pick as many opportunities as possible this year considering his college season was cut short.

I had left Tyler Matzek off my prediction list, but he clearly needed to be on this roster after a great performance in spring training 1.0.

The Braves got their top 12 prospects on this list, which is a great move to give those kids as many reps as possible.

And I think there's a chance we see a few of them make their debuts even in a shortened season.

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There were several names left off the Atlanta Braves initial list that I think could have been added.

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SARASOTA, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 26: Bryce Ball #82 high-five Ronald Acuna Jr. #13 of the Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

This is one is probably more self-serving than anything, but I really wanted to see more of Bryce Ball.

The 6-foot-6 lefty got a lot of exposure in spring training 1.0 and was highly impressive. It would have been nice to see him get some more at-bats and reps, especially with the DH likely coming to the National Lague for good.

But again, any of these players can still be added later in the year.

The Braves decided to put just seven outfielders on their initial roster, which makes a lot of sense considering they have several infielders who can shift to the outfield if needed.

But that means guys like Rafael Ortega, Riley Unroe, and Trey (Terone) Harris were left off this list.

Ortega was quite a glaring omission as he got some time with the Braves last year and could be called on again in 2020.

But I think that's why there is a good chance Pache and/or Waters make their debuts in 2020.

There is still a long list of players ahead of them in the outfield, but I think if he gets to that point the Braves are confident in Pache and Waters.

Another selfish pick for me was Trey Harris. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite prospects and he was having a good spring training 1.0. I wish we could have seen more of him and he could have gotten those extra reps.

Next: What about that schedule?

Who were some names you were surprised to see (or not see) on this list? Let us know in the comments below.