Braves: Tomahawk Take Staff Prepared for Unusual Fantasy Baseball Season

The staff at Tomahawk Take is ramping up its fantasy baseball activities this week in hopes of giving Atlanta Braves fans a guide to a weird season.

For the first time that I know of, the Tomahawk Take staff will be getting together for a fantasy baseball league full of Atlanta Braves fans.

We had planned to do this earlier in the year, and even though the season has been pushed back and this season is sure to be an odd one, we still wanted to continue with the league.

Luckily, we have a very large staff of writers (past and present) here at Tomahawk Take so we’re able to put together a league of 12 players.

We’ll hold our draft on Thursday, July 16 and during the draft we’ll be recording for a podcast that will likely be posted over the weekend.

Our goal during this 60-game season will be to try and help give some guidance to other fantasy baseball players, while also giving our insight on Braves players you may want to consider picking up on your fantasy team.

And obviously there will be some banter between the staff to see who comes out on top.

But we really wanted to give our readers another avenue to get fantasy baseball knowledge, specifically about Braves players.

We know there are a lot of fantasy baseball players in the Braves community that will need some advice during this unusual season.

After our draft we’ll be putting out some draft strategy guides to help those who haven’t done their drafts yet, and we’ll also be putting out a list of sleeper picks from the Braves you might want to consider.

We’re really looking forward to this fantasy baseball season and having a whole new avenue of content to bring to our readers.

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Please make sure you check back throughout the season for our fantasy baseball content and updates on the staff league.