Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman can’t be stopped for long

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Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves 1B Freddie Freeman doesn’t like strikeouts. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Maybe the Atlanta Braves stat guys weren’t in mid-season form Tuesday night?

It was declared multiple times during and after Tuesday’s Atlanta Braves game with the Rays that Freddie Freeman had never carried a golden sombrero (4 strikeouts) in a single game before.  Close, but not quite…

Actually… it was the tenth time that had happened.

Here’s the inglorious list:

  • 2011: June 12 vs. Houston (a Braves win)
  • 2011: June 18 vs. Texas (yes, it happened just a week later!)
  • 2013: April 26 vs. Detroit (Anibal Sanchez struck out 17 Braves in 8 innings that day)
  • 2013: May 26 vs. the Mets (Shaun Marcum did it)
  • 2013: July 26 vs. St. Louis (a Braves win over Adam Wainwright)
  • 2015: May 26 vs. the Dodgers (yes, it was Kershaw)
  • 2016: April 20 vs. the Dodgers again (a team effort that day)
  • 2016: July 17 vs. Colorado (Braves win 1-0, but Jon Gray got him)
  • 2016: Aug 5 vs. St. Louis (Jaime Garcia was pitching for them)
  • 2020: July 28 vs. Tampa Bay

The first reaction you might be having now could be “Maybe he should never play on the 26th of a Spring or Summer month.”  I’m going to ignore that one.

The next reaction you might have is “Wow – anybody every do that more often for the Atlanta Braves?

Glad you asked: the answer is actually No.  That includes every Braves/Doves/Beaneaters/etc. team over the entire history of this franchise.  However, Freeman does currently share this “franchise record” of ten 4-strikeout games with Andruw Jones.

The next closest is Dale Murphy (7 times).

Seems that longevity with the team has its benefits… and pitfalls.  Hey – that’s why Albert Pujols has more GIDP than anyone else ever (395).  Happily, Hank Aaron doesn’t hold that record anymore (he’s now 4th all-time on that double-plays list).

The team record for K’s in a single game is 5 – the Platinum Sombrero, if you will.

Andruw is a member of that club. So also are Bob Sadowski, David Justice, Jason Heyward, Jeff Francoeur, Justin Upton, and Ozzie Virgil.

Freeman himself narrowly missed joining that group: during the second Dodgers game noted above, he had a 5th plate appearance. On a 2-2 count (and the 6th pitch of the AB), he barely made contact, nubbing a ball toward pitcher Chris Hatcher and was thrown out at first.

But documenting Freeman’s failures was actually not the point of this writing exercise. The question I wanted to answer was this: what did he do the next day?

Let’s find out…

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