3 ways the Atlanta Braves could show their desperation for pitching

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Atlanta Braves

Tucker Davidson of the Atlanta Braves (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Would the Atlanta Braves take a pitcher who has failed his own team?

Necessity is the mother of invention, it’s said. Unfortunately, when it comes to pitching needs, the Atlanta Braves are getting to know this “Mom” quite well.

One by one, the Braves are rolling through “auditions” for the role of starting pitcher. One by one, promising actors are hearing “Next!” before they can complete an entire scene test.

We’re likely getting to the point at which Atlanta has to do something radical if they are to turn this ship around.  As such, we’ve identified three possibilities for what “radical” might mean in this context.

When it comes to these options, it’s hard to even rank them in order of likelihood, for how do you rate things that probably shouldn’t happen… or things that would not have been even contemplated when this season began?

But that’s where we are now… so here it goes:

#3. Give Tucker Davidson and/or Ian Anderson their shot.

Davidson is the more likely (and less desperate) move here, as he’s already on the 40-man roster, while Anderson is not. Both excelled at the AA level in 2019. Anderson struggled a bit in limited AAA innings, though Davidson pitched well (under 4 ERA) at that level.

Anderson is 22 years old, and if he doesn’t get his shot now, it could still be some time before he sees the majors — especially given current circumstances. There’s arguably a scenario in which he doesn’t see the majors until 2022, his age 24 season.

Davidson is 24, and for him, you almost have to wonder if he’s been struggling (or hurt) at the Alternate Training Site, for his past body of work suggests that he’d been getting better as he’s matured. If not now, then when?

You could certainly argue that Davidson would have a solid chance of doing no worse than those going before him.

So far, though, the Braves have clearly been resistant in using either of these guys, but the temptation is likely there… service clocks notwithstanding.

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