Atlanta Braves Trade Candidates: Alex Cobb

Could the Baltimore Orioles look to sell some of their short term assets, like Alex Cobb, and are the Atlanta Braves potential suitors?

As the Atlanta Braves continue to search the market for some answers in their starting rotation, perhaps they look to Baltimore.

The Baltimore Orioles came into 2020 in the midst of a rebuild, but find themselves in the playoff race halfway through the 60 game season. They probably won’t be buyers because they don’t want to sacrifice their long term plan, but would they sell some of their short-term assets to get some additional pieces for their future?

Enter Alex Cobb. He has been solid for the Orioles thus far in 2020 with a 3.73 FIP, 4.88 FIP, and a 3.99 xFIP. He’s not the sexiest option on the market with a career 7.05 K/9 rate, but he does a good job limiting walks (career 2.60 BB/9) and limiting home runs (career 1.03 HR/9).

The Atlanta Braves don’t necessarily need a flashy starter, they just need someone who can start consistently and keep the game close. Cobb would fit that description. If Max Fried continues to pitch like a bonafide Ace, Cole Hamels returns and is Cole Hamels, and Ian Anderson continues to impress, then Cobb makes perfect sense for the Braves at the back-end of the rotation.

Cobb is also signed through next year as well (owed $15M), which could also be appealing to Atlanta. He would be perfect for a 4th or 5th starter for a team in contention.

So what would a potential package look like? It may not take much for Atlanta to get Cobb, especially if Baltimore wants to move his money off their books.

Potential trade:

Braves trade: Victor Vodnik (Braves 19th prospect)

Orioles trade: Alex Cobb

The Braves could potentially add a smaller piece whether it be a lower rated prospect or maybe an expiring contract like Ender Inciarte that could be a stopgap for Baltimore in 2021. The Orioles could also throw some cash in the deal and maybe get a slightly higher rated prospect out of Atlanta.

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It’s not a certainty that Alex Cobb is even traded by the Orioles this deadline, but if they are looking to move him, the Braves make sense as a trading partner.