Don’t Panic: Atlanta Braves Guide to the 2020 Trade Deadline

The Atlanta Braves have already made one move with less than 24 hours until the trade deadline.

Rumors are flying that the Atlanta Braves might very well make more moves before trade season is over. Here’s why it’s important to consider the wise words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.”

The Braves are in great need of starting pitching, as evidenced by their trade for LHP Tommy Milone earlier today. To further highlight the urgency of the need, he will be starting tonight against the Phillies.

He couldn’t get out of Baltimore fast enough!

Some are clamoring for the Braves to make a splashy move now. “Go out and Get Lance Lynn in the middle of a career season!”


Atlanta Braves – Don’t Panic and Overpay!

The Atlanta Braves have the best pitcher in baseball right now in Max Fried. As I mentioned earlier in the break down of Tommy Milone, Atlanta’s starters not named Max Fried have an unsightly 6.75 ERA.

Right now the rotation looks like this:

  1. Max Fried
  2. Ian Anderson
  3. Tommy Milone
  4. ???
  5. ???

So, yes, we still have work to do. This doesn’t mean that going out and getting one of the top names on the market is the right decision.

The Indians are reportedly asking for “four quality prospects” and/or major league talent in exchange for Clevinger.

Clevinger is an ace. He is also under team control through the 2022 season. It’s no wonder they can ask for four quality prospects.

If the key is not to panic, what is considered a rational deal for Clevinger?

  • One of Waters/Pache?
  • One of Wright/Wilson?
  • One of Davidson/Muller?

Which major leaguer do you want to part with? Austin Riley is on a hot streak, striking out less, and crushing breaking balls this season. Are you ready to give up on a guy with a 162-game average of 35 homers and he hasn’t even logged 400 career at-bats yet?

I don’t think we want to overpay, although I’d love to see Clevinger or Lynn in a Braves uniform for the next couple of seasons.

If they are unable to pull a deal off for a big name, then there’s one particular pitcher on my radar I think they should pursue.

Atlanta Braves – Bargain Shopping

Martin Perez is averaging just over five innings per start this season. His ERA is right on par for the measurement of a quality start. He can give you innings and help keep the elite bullpen fresh.

He’s a free agent after this season and his price has to be lower than Tommy Milone’s. Keep in mind, Milone cost us two players to be named later that are not on our 60-man taxi squad.

Anthopoulos won’t overpay and he shouldn’t. Especially since the clearance rack has a lot of good deals due to the circumstances surrounding this season.

The Red Sox have to be happy to get something out of Perez considering he has only six or seven starts left on his contract.

Hopefully, we can get a great value for Lance Lynn in a few minutes and none of my thoughts on the matter will matter.