Post trade deadline Power Rankings: Should the Atlanta Braves fall?

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ARLINGTON, TEXAS – AUGUST 29: Lance Lynn #42 of the Texas Rangers (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

It may feel strange, but the Atlanta Braves and all of baseball are in the stretch run of September now

It’s time to get serious about playoff pushes and that started when the trade deadline passed yesterday.

The Atlanta Braves made one tiny move but nothing notable happened and perhaps other teams jumped them. Let’s get to the rankings and see where we have them all stacked up this week.

30. Texas Rangers

I know you have a new stadium and you are going to try and be competitive in it next year when hopefully fans come back, but you gotta move Lance Lynn now when his stock is higher than it ever will be. For that reason alone, they are one of my big two losers from the deadline.

29. Pittsburgh Pirates

Time to let any kid you wanna see get some experience play. Pittsburgh will use this last month as a Spring training one would presume.

28. Arizona Diamondbacks

Good for the Snakes to realize they are going nowhere this year because they win 5 straight and lose 6 straight. They decided to sell and moved Starling Marte, Archie Bradley, and Robbie Ray. Will be interesting to see what they do in the Winter.

27. Los Angeles Angels

I was hoping that my Ender Inciarte, Tyler Flowers, and Sean Newcomb for Mike Trout trade would go through yesterday, but unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves, the Angels did not much care for the offer.

26. Baltimore Orioles

When the Atlanta Braves traded for Tommy Milone, I started to wonder if the Braves just liked taking players away from Baltimore to save them. It feels like the two teams make a trade every deadline.

25. Seattle Mariners

In a semi-surprise, the Seattle Mariners are currently in third in the AL West division. They are starting to play better as well. Maybe brighter days ahead?

24. Kansas City Royals

The Royals could very well be the deciding factor as to who wins the AL Central this year. They have a ton of games left with the White Sox, Twins, and Indians down the stretch.

23. Boston Red Sox

A team ravished with injuries, mainly to the pitching side, the team has still played halfway decent the last week or two. Largely due to the fact that they still have good bats in the lineup. Hopefully the Atlanta Braves can win the next two nights and sweep them though.

22. Washington Nationals

The Nationals are playing bad ball and look highly unlikely to repeat or even make the playoffs for that matter, but they have two superstars in Juan Soto and Trea Turner.

21. New York Mets

Despite adding smaller pieces at the deadline, time is getting slim on the Mets as they are only a couple games out of the playoff picture, the problem is they have a lot more losses than competitors.

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